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You can find some updated information about the STEM and STEMM tokens right on now.

If you look in the right hand border you will see the details for both.

These are both updated frequently. We issued a bulk of the tokens and burned them early on to ensure there will be no mass issuing at any point in the future.

 10 months ago 

Not gonna lie. It does seem a bit weird to be staring at 99.91% burned for time to come.

It’s just an accounting artifact.

 10 months ago 

Fair enough.

 10 months ago 

Yeah, the problem is when I created the two tokens I had no idea on how many I would need and how I was going to handle distribution. So I made a safe number 5B tokens to give me plenty of room.

Once I figured out the tokenomics, I burned the majority of them to show there will be no funny business issuing tokens outside of what was specified. Since there is no smart contracts on Steem, that's the only way I have to enforce it.

Good looking information. Thank you.

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