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RE: Microsoft Windows 11 Leaked

in STEMGeeks11 months ago

I gave up on Windows years ago as it seemed designed to stop you doing things. Been happily using Linux (mainly Ubuntu) ever since. Still have to use Windows for work, but that is really locked down as the company takes security seriously.


I wish I could get rid of Windows, as a gamer I am forced to use Windows and I always have work running in other monitors so I don't want to dual boot. I'd love to use Linux but it just isn't there yet for the desktop, and MacOS is the closest option but I refuse to buy Apple hardware outside of a phone and a Macbook Air. I did use a Hackintosh for a while when I released Apple IOS games, which worked great, but I think Hackintosh live is limited with ARM being Apple's preferred platform now.

Regrettably, the same is true for 3D modellers and designers. Most CAD software is designed for Windows, though there are a few exceptions that run on MacOS as well. I don't know what works with Linux and what doesn't, and I simply don't have time to experiment with it.

I'm still stubbornly holding on to Windows 7, which, as far as I'm concerned, is the last decent version of Windows.

Yeah, have to compromise somewhere. I may be missing out on some apps for music, but I get by and I don't play games. I spend most of my time in a browser day to day so that can run on anything. All the web streaming apps seem to work on Linux these days. Was more of a challenge a few years back.

Do a bit of Python development, but got the tools for that.