Microsoft Windows 11 Leaked

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There has been a leak of the next version of Windows called Windows 11. This is strange as Microsoft has claimed Windows 10 to be the last version of Windows released and all future releases will be updates.

Clearly this isn't the case as Windows 11 is now available to download as a torrent and numerous download sites.


If you want to check out what is new, XDA has done a good overview of Windows 11.

Most of the OS has remained the same and a bulk of the changes seem to be related to a new UI theme. Windows 11 seems to be reloaded with a lot of preinstalled apps (aka Bloatware) likely the result of private deals to encourage users to use third party products.

Microsoft announced the development of Windows 10X which is a ground up re-write of Windows for modern hardware which they later announced was postponed. Windows 11 seems to use some of the visual elements of Windows 10X but appears to still be a modified version of Windows 10 codebase.

Windows 10 in general in my opinion has been a huge disappointment as Microsoft as fully embraced anti-privacy practices and feels like they are now working for the NSA. Their changes have been predatory in terms of invading privacy and making it difficult if not impossible to restrict the features that leak privacy data.

For example, if you want to turn off telemetry features (phone home) you are restricted from fully turning off these features via the UI, if you use tools or the registry to minimize the telemetry features, they will reset back to default settings when you apply updates. This requires you to constantly check and reset the phone home features every time your system patches at least once a month.

I recommend everyone who uses Windows 10 to install ShutUp 10 by O&O to allow you to turn off much of the invasive features and easily keep them off each patch.


As you can see, ShutUp 10 allows you to turn off many invasive settings that are not available to a typical user just using the Windows 10 interface. There is also a one click setting to apply recommended settings. If you launch ShutUp 10 after applying a patch, it will let you know any features that have been turned back on and ask if you want to reset them back.

While a lot of information isn't know at this time, my guess is Windows 11 will be even more invasive than Windows 10. I remember when Windows 10 was launched and you would get a pop up on Windows 7 and 8 asking if you wanted to upgrade. There was two options, Yes or Schedule in Future. There was no option to say no, you were able to click the X in the top right to close the window which basically said No. In a future update they changed the X to reflect Yes thus forcing you to update. This is a practice used by Malware to trick users into installing malware.

Windows 11 will likely be announced on June 24th, in their "What's Next" event.

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I wish win XP was still a viable option today 😢

It is in Thailand, I was at Immigration the other day and saw someone boot-up a PC that had the WinXP screen on display before it booted into the WAN. ATMs here still use it too!

I gave up on Windows years ago as it seemed designed to stop you doing things. Been happily using Linux (mainly Ubuntu) ever since. Still have to use Windows for work, but that is really locked down as the company takes security seriously.

 last year 

I wish I could get rid of Windows, as a gamer I am forced to use Windows and I always have work running in other monitors so I don't want to dual boot. I'd love to use Linux but it just isn't there yet for the desktop, and MacOS is the closest option but I refuse to buy Apple hardware outside of a phone and a Macbook Air. I did use a Hackintosh for a while when I released Apple IOS games, which worked great, but I think Hackintosh live is limited with ARM being Apple's preferred platform now.

Regrettably, the same is true for 3D modellers and designers. Most CAD software is designed for Windows, though there are a few exceptions that run on MacOS as well. I don't know what works with Linux and what doesn't, and I simply don't have time to experiment with it.

I'm still stubbornly holding on to Windows 7, which, as far as I'm concerned, is the last decent version of Windows.

Yeah, have to compromise somewhere. I may be missing out on some apps for music, but I get by and I don't play games. I spend most of my time in a browser day to day so that can run on anything. All the web streaming apps seem to work on Linux these days. Was more of a challenge a few years back.

Do a bit of Python development, but got the tools for that.

Here I was thinking that had to be fake, but if XDA developers have confirmed it and there's an announcement date then I guess it's about as legit as a leak can be. Even though a rebuild from the ground up might be a good way to get rid of all the legacy code and improve things, I can definitely second @steevc and say that I'm not too fond of all of Windows now and am worried about what might come.

Is a vaccination required for this OS?

looool this I found very funny

That is too Funny!

Maybe it was designed but never intended to be released...well, either way they need to seriously start prioritizing privacy

 last year 

either way they need to seriously start prioritizing privacy

After seeing what they did with Windows 10, I have come to the conclusion Microsoft has gone full evil.

I used to laugh at the Mac VS PC commercials Apple did as they were all lies at the time. Apple ended over time doing everything they said PC did but even worse. With Windows 10 Microsoft has really got invasive and now Apple has been taking security seriously. Microsoft has always taken security really seriously, more so than anyone but not from themselves.

why I now only use Mac/Apple instead of Windows the last couple years, for their integrity of privacy keeping. Windows is way too big brother for me these days. I would very much appreciate and enjoy seeing a majority of the big companies like facebook, Windows etc lean more towards privacy for the people. Opting into ads and giving information rather then just taking it without peoples knowledge.

I still use Windows 7, lol.

me too! I tried windows 10 for a couple days when it launched years ago, hated it... and ended up doing a full factory reset to reinstall Windows 7 and never tried any update again.

 last year 

I don’t blame you.

One of my favorite Windows....

Yes, its great. That's why I still use.

They just had to turn it up to 11.

Hopefully the corporate world will embrace it, have many roll-outs which costs lots of money and subsequently take me on to upgrade their software repos. The last OS from Microsoft announcement was a worry to me. It's all about needless job creation. I'm all for that.... it pays the bills.

It looks like they were trying to make 11 looks like apple os's!

Thats great. The window 10 mode of operation look like an android. I am sure this will certainly take care of thr shortcomings in the window 10.

Please not the next shit windows :)

I wonder who leaked it? And did they attach malware like crypto-jacking? These are questing running through my mind before mindlessly downloading lmao.

Thanks Marky! That O&O tool is awesome. For that alone, this article is gold.


Funnily enough, I just read this last night. I recently gave up with Win7 when my 2012 secondhand MacBook Pro finally went to Apple Heaven but the wife got a new laptop the other day and so I've been playing around with Edge (IE) for the first time in years and from a user experience point of view, was really impressed.

Your thoughts on Edge from both user and security point of view would be appreciated please.

I think much of the problem is that users trade-off security for workflow and integration

 last year 

I wouldn't touch Edge if you paid me.
I switched to Brave from Chrome a few years ago.

I think that's covered that then. Thank-you :-)

I refuse to use Windows for any personal use, been happily using Kali Linux for about 5 years now, I bought a separate laptop just to use windows for gaming lol I'm still waiting for a day when you can game on a MAC then good bye Windows for good!!

Thanks for the link to the O&O ShutUp10. I have had to manully change a lot of stuff, going to check it out.

Hmm I thought they killed the idea of windows 11. I read some where that they where just going to implement the changes in windows 10.

A bit weird.

 last year 

That's what I read too, but all the people who said that no longer work for Microsoft.

I think I will keep using Windows 7...