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RE: Python Libraries: Show DTube Abuser Rewards

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It's always a shame when people turn against Hive, but it tends to be down to falling out with some of the big accounts. Anyone with a big stake can use it as they see fit, but encouraging crappy content is bad for the platform. They will lose out in the long run, so why not do it right?


A few of the have flagged ones already had a good moan. I do reply sometimes, but after a day at work, occasionally I don't. Many of them know what they are doing, and the ones who thinks HIVE grows on trees need to wake up.

what they need is....some way to post and uovote each other on a hidden community no one can see on the regular front end

then it woukd be hard to even see their posts or upvotes and youd have to rely on things like this

lol ya hive doesnt grow on trees, its magically printed through inflation every half a second

its like its even better than growing on trees

if you really want to make hive valuable you turn off all onflation and see hw well it does with people having to avtually create content worthy of payong advertisers/ hive engine investors/ donators.

if live streamers on twitch can make money with people just giving it to them with 0 reward ...why cant hive ? i know we hve vimm but its like i dunno man when will hive ever have something people ever want to use?

i say fork hive...they forked steem didnt them? one iteration is never enough...evolution demands another version ...and another and so on... and start over take away whale stake and redistribute it as non sellable delegation to large social mrdia influencers and u need a system for acckunts that uses a instagram reddit andbtwitter tip bot tjatbgors around reeerving accounts for large legacy influencers

thats the onky way fkr people to care i think

That's where the copy / paste explanation complete with advice and links saves hours :) ... They all did the same thing, so they all need the same information 😂