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I debated on whether to release this code to the public or not. What I generate is generally positive, and not something to hurt or remove the rewards of others.

Some of you may know that a small group of Whales and Orcas have been waging a mini-war on DTube content. For one, the owner of this account publicly despises HIVE as a chain, stating as much in his memo transactions. I am part of this group and will try and explain why before I show you the code.

...'I don't like this kind of shit, if you are part of us.., fucking behave as though you want to be here and part of HIVE'...

Unlike other curation incentives, all you need to do is use the #dtube tag to gain a vote of between $1 and $2 per post. You do need to add your content to using their interface but the quality does not matter.

In a short period, you will be on the approved DTube list and can ship out any old bullshit to gain your daily rewards. Some of us see this as abuse and the owner does not give a crap, is non-contactable, and would do anything to hurt HIVE. We had to take matters into our own hands.


The worst of them posts FIVE times a day and thankfully is taken care of by @themarkymark. @rongibsonchannel has 56 pending payouts, all dtube nonsense that nobody ever looks at and you can see by his account that he has no intention of ever interacting with anyone on HIVE.


This is one of my gripes about these people. Small accounts, they follow none or a few, power-down a lot, send the HIVE to exchanges, nobody is interested in their content, nobody comments, and comments are generally ignored if they do.

...'what you see is the kind of bullshit the 'HIVE Cabal' as named by @world-travel-pro.., objects to'...

I have a conscious and do feel that I am denying someone from a poor country some easy money, but then I have to tell myself that I earned my stake by hard work and buying it with 'that real money'.

While I don't begrudge anyone new starting up, what they produce needs to have worth. I think all the users on the list you are about to see are posting to get the free vote and for no other reason.

...'an account named @3threespeak lovers would fit better on HIVE'...

We have been getting some help from a person I wont name, but who does a lot of anti-abuse and seems to have a nose for sniffing out bunches of accounts being mass-created and then jumping on the DTube abuse wagon purely to take advantage.


Show DTube Abuser Rewards

This script looks at a list of users, checks their pending rewards and if any contain the tab #dtube will increment a post variable and a reward variable, finally showing the results.

Red means there are pending rewards. Green means all the rewards from that account have been zeroed by us, the terrible 'cabal' downvoters.


Subsequent runs of the script may see users dropping off the radar but as long as they remain in the abusers[] list, re-runs of the script will reveal their return and worst of all show them close to the top.

I deliberately leave users on the list as they tend to disappear after being downvoted, only to return in 11-12 days and have another go. It's not going to work so go away, fuck off... and give up.

The list will simply grow longer and we will take care of any new ones adding them to the end.


This could be changed to any other tag, and this script could be adapted to find any tag or used in a different way than I intended it to.

Much of it is re-used code from other scripts I have written though I had not used the get_author_rewards() method before. Notice the 'SP', talk about legacy!


Inadvertently I figured out how to get rid of those unsightly errors and that is to use the 'set_shared_blockchain_instance(hive)' just after the node configuration.


If you don't use it, you see this shitty mess before your code starts up…


And if you do.. the much nicer (below screenshot), and don't forget the import statement


When run, the script produces output such as the below, and if there are red entries they are dealt with by any of us 'harbingers of doom' destined to clean up this dtube mess.


If you see yourself on this list, then why don’t you use @3speak? I understand their content is curated and if deemed good will get a larger vote than dtube will offer. The owners of 3Speak at least care about HIVE.

We don't want to scare away people, we want good people who interact with the community, give as well as take, and don't shill HIVE to be scammy and rubbish to the outside world.


I guess some of you are not going to agree, but as we have always said, the 'stakeholders can use their stake how they see fit'.

The half-dozen of us (who I won't name) are in the same mindset and will try and keep away this abuse and add those rewards back to the pool for more deserving content.


A generic version of the full script can be found on my GitHub Repository here


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Fear the Cabal!!

Hehe, every single user should downvote more and get rid of this trash.

This script is a fine thing, you should be rightly proud!

I'm sure our 'secret operative' is going to send me more soon. She's been a little quiet of late. This bullshit is organised, just like the boats coming across the English Channel.

It is. There is a handful or less operating hundreds of alts always looking for a new attack vector

Spambots? Those things should be banned from the Internet...


They should!

They've wasted plenty of hours I'll never get back! Cleaning them is a pain...

i just set up mobizen to make a screen share video of me explaining this video post and why you shoulent spam dtube because you wont get paid soon as hive users get hip to it. then maybe ill get that post upvoted to top of dtube so dtube users might see it and stop wasting time

Fuck off @ackza

Greetings from Ass Clown Bot! The Bot that calls out total ass clowns on Hive!

What an utter load of rubbish

lol banned from the unternet? not everyone lives in china.

and honestly this coule all be fixed by just blacklisting dtube and all the accounts that use it. harsh but hey they hwve their own front end and peakd to use dont they?

Unfortunately spambots aren't just from China - dtube might even be running them, just to make more spam and money

Filters won't keep them off of google so they'd still hurt Hive :(


Greetings from Ass Clown Bot! The Bot that calls out total ass clowns on Hive!

If you are going to be an ass clown, at least make it funny!

i die not mean to downvote...i also cant seem to remove that wtf

look ot shows an upvote and downvote at the same time wtf man is a trash front end i should peakd lol

i didnt mean to keep that downvote there i cant seem to remove it with a click lol...its like of you dont have enough hp or its all delegated like me, that litte slider doesnt up condensor front end is so goitchy and slow compared ro steemit
..what gives

im currently recording a screenshare video of myself doing all of rhis and will post ti dtuve so u can have a laugh

use peakd, does anyone still use I think I can live with the 1c loss!

Greetings from Ass Clown Bot! The Bot that calls out total ass clowns on Hive!

Ooo! another one of your 'amazing' comments!

I don't have a problem with people trying to make some money either, but you will notice most of those people actually interact. I think that is where a big part of the distinction is. This person just seems like straight up trash.

They might not even be people, rather unmonitored bot accounts... I hate spambots! Used to have to clean out hundreds a day on forums.

I think that is where a big part of the distinction is.

I have to agree @bozz. The one who posts 5 times a day..., ridiculous!

Where do you pull the list of users from? Does the program do that automatically or do you have to pull that ahead of time?

The list is in the abusers[] list. The one on GitHub is an empty list, whereas mine contains the users in the screen and more (if they don't have any pending rewards.).


Right, you said:

this script looks at a list of users.

so is that a list that you can just go out and download somewhere? I don't understand how that list was generated.

The list was hand picked by a bunch of us and fed to me, to create a master list. I don't want to publicly reveal it, but anyone on there... we feel is farming dtube simply for it's vote.

Ah, okay, so it was hand made. It's not something that you easily pulled from the chain. I got it.

We are not targeting everyone, just the ones taking the piss. It will likely be ongoing and the list will get longer over time.

It's always a shame when people turn against Hive, but it tends to be down to falling out with some of the big accounts. Anyone with a big stake can use it as they see fit, but encouraging crappy content is bad for the platform. They will lose out in the long run, so why not do it right?

A few of the have flagged ones already had a good moan. I do reply sometimes, but after a day at work, occasionally I don't. Many of them know what they are doing, and the ones who thinks HIVE grows on trees need to wake up.

what they need is....some way to post and uovote each other on a hidden community no one can see on the regular front end

then it woukd be hard to even see their posts or upvotes and youd have to rely on things like this

lol ya hive doesnt grow on trees, its magically printed through inflation every half a second

its like its even better than growing on trees

if you really want to make hive valuable you turn off all onflation and see hw well it does with people having to avtually create content worthy of payong advertisers/ hive engine investors/ donators.

if live streamers on twitch can make money with people just giving it to them with 0 reward ...why cant hive ? i know we hve vimm but its like i dunno man when will hive ever have something people ever want to use?

i say fork hive...they forked steem didnt them? one iteration is never enough...evolution demands another version ...and another and so on... and start over take away whale stake and redistribute it as non sellable delegation to large social mrdia influencers and u need a system for acckunts that uses a instagram reddit andbtwitter tip bot tjatbgors around reeerving accounts for large legacy influencers

thats the onky way fkr people to care i think

That's where the copy / paste explanation complete with advice and links saves hours :) ... They all did the same thing, so they all need the same information 😂

Happy to see you using code to help fix this out. I have been doing some down voting and always have spare downvotes if required.

Are you on discord, can hook up with you there?

If everyone got together and downvoted these dtube scammers to return the rewards to the pool there would be more for everyone...but, as usual, it's left to a few of us to hang our balls out there and make it happen. What we do, many will never know slobs, but I'm content with that, and about doing my bit for the community in general by smashing these asshole's rewards.

but, as usual, it's left to a few of us to hang our balls out there and make it happen. What we do, many will never know slobs

I know, it's been like that for years. I got pulled into anti-abuse early in my 'career' around July 2018 and have been doing it since. In those days there was no separate DV pool, remember that?

Yeah, I recall about the DV pool...It's a little better now, but the fight still continues huh?

In the war on spam and abuse, thank you for your service! 🚩

Thank you too, I know you do your part.

Dtube just needs to die already as you say 3Speak is a much better alternative!

If it's HIVE, it should be 3speak.

Pretty shady actions on their parts, so I support the publishing of this script. Most of us work hard at this for the rewards we earn.

Most of us work hard at this for the rewards we earn.

I know you do, you always put in lots of effort and make something worth reading. I wish there were more like you.

I mean, I'm one of us geeks that actually would write this shit regardless - I just happened to have found HIVE instead of finishing setting up my own blog 😂 but I do agree - more of us need to care about our content!

I have heard of this being done, but as I never seem to see anything posted on dtube I never joined.
People need to be social.
Well done on putting the rewards back to the rewards pool to help social hivians.

as I never seem to see anything posted on dtube I never joined.

That's because what you see will be YouTube videos because the DTube infrastructure is creaking and barely works. It's rare I see the tag used and DTUbe is the primary video being offered.

ah well that makes sense, a creaking infrastructure is not good, but in this case that would seem a good thing, hopefully it just gives up as do all the posters.

I tried to watch a DT video a few minutes ago, it gave up with an error. Talk about a load of crap!

Sounds like a pile of crap right enough!

The Hive drama continues, what a week it's been! Time to flush out all the bad actors and prepare for the bull run with good-quality users!

I think most are on side with this. Nice work, as long as the downvotes are targeting legitimate "scammers" and not the "good" Hivian occasionally using dtube for legit content (Not sure how many there are but I'm sure some are actually contributing to Hive just unaware of the background info).
Hopefully most see this and begin using 3speak and keep building to improve Hive. Thanks for sharing!

I think most are on side with this. Nice work, as long as the downvotes are targeting legitimate "scammers" and not the "good" Hivian occasionally using dtube for legit content

Yes, I am not targeting all of them, just the obvious farmers. You can tell quite quickly, some of the videos are simply stolen from the internet, while others are cross-posted because they want the DTube vote.

The part that grinds my gears the most about this is to top it all off every memo is "hive is trash", your github library is pretty dope btw, bookmarked. Major kudos there. Thanks for the info, I've always used 3speak anyway. Cheers.

Thanks about the repo. I do code professionally, but it's not my primary skill (though I'm trying to change that!)

You mean I could have made money posting videos of my genitals and at the same time it’s guaranteed that none will watch them?! My God, I’ve been sleeping on that once in a lifetime chance.

You could and I am guessing it wouldn't be vetted. I don't think there is a vetting process.. and it simply picks up the tags.

Are you suggesting I should do it?

Maybe a fitting account name and glasses for camouflage might be need

Wow 😂😂 I had no idea that shit was going on and here I thought I'm just writing shit that nobody wants to read 😂😂😂

I can't believe people still try that shit... And dtube is losing the most cuz they get their votes down voted on right??

dtube will lose curation, so it's in their best interests to vote things that are not farm posts. I don't think the owner ever looks, it's all automated.

im suprisee dtube cant just upvote things that are useful

even a bot making automated videos showing stats like @penguinpablo would be actually nice compared to dtube trash

I have used DTube in the past, and after reading your post, it will be 3speak in the future.


@slobberchops! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @myjob. (2/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Great work team.

Thanks, I try and do my part. It's thankless work.

well u just got thanked lol and upvoted so no its not

hive is working. its rewarding u for your work

you couod always make a hivedao proposal but too bad hivedao doesnt take small projects seeiously and its just hard to get viters attention. i can name another proposal system that would have paid you by now for this value

maybe thats what hive meeds roo a smaller proposal system ir use the tokensdao on hive engine tribaldex andbstart payong peoppe who do small projrcts like this

Obviously this guy made some good money on Hive. Why the hate for a place that was good to him?

I have a conscious and do feel that I am denying someone from a poor country some easy money

Instead of feeling bad about that, point them towards resources where they can learn how to be good members? A copy / paste message complete with links? Even if they have zero writing skills and can't use English, everyone has a talent.

Are we doing people more of a kindness by helping and encouraging them to improve, or by helping them to farm for rewards? Genuine improvement usually gets rewarded well here. In general, those amounts would equal a good future in most poor countries.

I know it's not their fault this mess started. But I don't think spam should be rewarded... Plus this is a great opportunity to teach good habits :)


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I have a conscious and do feel that I am denying someone from a poor country some easy money, but then I have to tell myself that I earned my stake by hard work and buying it with 'that real money'. While I don't begrudge anyone new starting up, what they produce needs to have worth.

Spot on.

dude they downvote peoppe for much less

why isnt steemcleaners anilihating this guys downvotes? oh yeah cuz theyd have to right another whwle affount and they eont like pucking on people their own size

i guess heimindanger / dtube coule do serious damage by purposefully upvoting spam lol

but good...hell force hive to enact new frint end moderation protocals and improve hive by forcing it to adaot nd have an actual moderation system from now on

(btw my typos? simple way tonprove im human)

no way ai fan replifate this

I've never downvoted anybody yet. Maybe it's time?

It's never too early to start.

I did not even know that there are some people who are engaging in this kind of activities. Thanks for sharing

"payout_SP" lol is it still coded in steempower? i guess dtube has both

i never use dtube anymore

what the hell was the point of that dtube chain

if dtube had jjst gotten on steem or hive engine or telos man it would have stayed relevant

heimindanger should be like...delegating his hp to dlease and giving out liquid tips to his users if he wants to do this

then what?

wow so this trash still getting like multiple dollars per spam while i was getting downvoted (luckily stopped now) for every single post for 0 good reason even when i was getting a LOT of support from lots of krge staleholders and making mulriple dollars from like dozens of different upgotere and i posted helpful ideas and updates and helpinf nrw users just all around good guy stuff that shoule have gotten me front oage status a whole ago

but nah i got the steemcleaning while steemcleaners ignored this trash posting actual duplicate posts lol wow i guess steemcleaners just didnt wanna actually fight real spammers and risk their hp haha what a joke

dude i have a solutiob

im gonna start posting actually helpful fontent on dtube and talks abiut hive and videos showing helpful things on hive

then ill take up all the dtube upvote poeer away from tje spammers

what do u think?

It'll be great if it works. But I have a feeling that once the owner figures it out, you'll be blacklisted. Maybe most of the accounts are his anyway, who knows?


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link to my reply truncated:

it was way too long so u till i remember how to compress tezt on hive i just ppsted it on eos via discussions and linked it here as an experiment

my ocd is going too hard on this post i gotta take a break

All good :) I'll be logging off for a few hours pretty soon too :)

are you saying he will see that i habe figured out how ti get rewarded foe postong good content to hive becauses hes actuveky trying to reward spam?

Yeah, unfortunately he really seems to want to see Hive spammed :( ...


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lol speaking of spam... look , someone is using my profile pic for their assclown bot

but little do they know im bringing $ASS from @asshole account from steem engine to hive engine


Hopefully the spammer just goes away soon...


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Do you fnd you talk to yourself in the comments on your posts often?


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sorry about the long reply down there

is there a way to edit and truncate and allow you to click to espand? i swear there is ...or i know @inertia can remind me how to put it in a box so it all shows up horizontally and not taking up previous vertical space?

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Your words are a bunch of gibberish

thanks for all the spam
all the votes on my posts, comments and my 10,000 followers disagree with you.

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