Citizen Science Project Step 2: my top quark production simulation

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@lemouth invited us in citizen science adventure on Hive:

Pour les lecteurs en français, la version française du post d'introduction est ici:
Mon présent post est en anglais mais facile à comprendre, au pire google traduction devrait s'en sortir...


The first phase consisted in installing the necessary tools in a Linux environment and testing them. You can see the procedure here:

My post on the report of this first step is here:

For the second step which I report here, I invite you to read the post explaining the different tasks to accomplish, I will show for my part their realization.


I launched my Ubuntu linux environment under VirtualBox and navigated to the "MG5_aMC_v2_9_9" folder where I opened a terminal.
Then I typed in the terminal "./bin/mg5_aMC" to launch the MG5aMC tool.


Then I ran the command "generate p p > t t~"


And to finish this first task I entered the command "display diagrams" which generated this:



In the terminal I entered the command "output step2", step2 being the name I chose, you will choose yours.


The following files have been created:



In the MG5aMC software I enter the command "launch step2" (you have to replace step2 by the name you have chosen) and I arrive at a menu, you will have to type 1 then enter and 4 then enter to get this result:


Then I hit enter to get to another menu:


Here we enter the choice 2 then enter to edit the configuration file and change in the line 129 "True" in "False", I had some difficulties with the editor but I succeeded.


Then the simulation starts when you press the enter key:



Here we check that everything has gone well:


And by going into my folder
"cd step2/Events/run_01_decayed_1"
and entering the command
"ls -lrt"
I check that a big file named "tag_1_pythia8_events.hepmc.gz" has been created.


We are done for this step of the citizen science adventure on Hive.

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Wow, 5 minutes..mine were so much slower:))

I have assigned 4 cores of my i7-9700 CPU through VirtualBox to Ubuntu but it runs on a SATA HDD not my SSD

Ahaha you are almost as fast as what I did on my laptop and its 16 cores ^^

Impressive, isn't it? ;)

Thanks for this report. It seems t hat everything went quite smoothly, without any major problem. Please do not hesitate to ask me anything if you have questions (both on the technical part and the physics behind it).


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