Citizen Science Project my first run

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Having decided to participate in the @lemouth project, you can find the introduction post here:

here is my progression:

1- As I don't have a dedicated Linux machine, I chose the option that seemed the easiest, using Virtualbox.

2- I used the following tutorial, it is in French but understandable by all and I am sure there are others in your language. It is very simple.

3- To install the project software you will need to add C++ and Fortran to your Ubuntu.

For C++ open a terminal (CTRL ALT T) and enter:
sudo apt-get install build-essential

To install Fortran:
sudo apt-get install gfortran

4- After that i just followed all steps explained by @lemouth in his post and installed all the softwares.

5- Then i went to the final task, the tutorial and i got my first results:


6- I think I'm ready for more complex calculations, but I'm not sure how to share the results.

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I am glad to see that you managed to go through all the steps.

Please make sure that you have allocated enough resources to the virtual box (CPU and disk space). However, this can be tuned later on, according to the needs. I will come back to the tutorial this week, as there are things to be explained there. I only hope to have the time to write this blog by Tuesday... however, this is for now quite unclear. Last week has been very hectic and I needed that week-end to disconnect a bit.

Thanks, indeed i can allocate more CPU and the disk size is dynamically allocated.


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