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My new account for STEM curation


Hi All, this is @sanjeevm , and this is my new account created solely for curation purpose on stemgeeks. Sometimes back, I bought around 44.5k stem and wanted to curate on stemgeeks. @themarkymark provided great help to understand the process of delegating my stem tokens to this account, so that I can curate using this account.

I believe, stemgeeks has a lot of potential to bring masses to the hive echo system. As I understand , @themarkymark is actively working on this project, and we will definitely see improvements on this project. I had long conversations understanding the project and which posts get rewarded with STEM. Here is some details based on our conversations :

Anything on is indexed and rewarded with STEM and anything anywhere else ( other front ends) get rewarded with STEM , if you use one of these tags:

  • stemgeeks
  • stem
  • science
  • technology
  • engineering
  • math

I will be using solely STEMGeeks (using this account) to curate content, and if possible create some times as well. And I will plan to buy more stem and increase my stake to earn more curation rewards as well. I strongly believe, it has potential to reach a higher price very soon - at least as 1 hive at the minimum.

Does my gardening posts qualify to be posted in one of these topics ?

My hobby.jpg

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Congratulations Sanjeev. This is great staking of Stem tokens.
I also started working on STEM recently and I see this as a next big thing on Hive ecosystem.

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Stunning statement I see you're completely making your statement about stem. Lets see how it goes, as for your garden post, I really don't know. But I know you'll do a good job at curation.

ahhh great i see you decided to create a different account for the curation! good choice my friend!

Welcome dear. i had close to 2.5K STEM tokens and I have also done the same to curate content here on the Stemgeeks platforms. Will further be working to increase my stake; looking forward to 10K STEM tokens being staked. cheers

That’s great man! I’m hoping to do the same when I get a little more stake. I’ve set up curation accounts for some great tokens here on hive like PAL, lotus and Leo. Looking forward to getting more into each of the different tribes!

Depending on the content related to plants it would definitely justify the tag. An argument could be made in many regards for it.

Awesome.... you have good amount of stem. Creating a dedicated account for second layer token is s good option (multiplier is a good option leo dex but nit workingsome time)...

I'm also going to be making this choice

Good luck


Great to see you trying to curate here. STEM has really good tokenomics despite the price swings. STEM has been over $0.01 for as long as I can remember. With more bias and censorship taking over academia, more people are going to find STEM very attractive.

The best move right now would be to tray and turn @stemgeeks into something like all of STEM related subreddits put together but with better features.