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RE: My first impressions of the Oculus Quest 2 I got for Hivefest

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Are there any other stand alone devices besides the Quest 2 that are not tied to Facebook do you know?

That all just sounds awful!


HP has just released an impressive new VR Headset for $600.
Its specs are better than Facebook's spy device.

They're expensive things for sure.

Actually I guess looking at this a couple of years down the line they'll be a lot more competition and prices will plummet!

Not that I know of with similar features. I was looking at Valve index but that is $2000 and I think it only works tethered to PC.

I got this on multiple recommendations and did some looking around but spent most of my time testing it out. Now I know the extent of the Facebook lock I’m pretty frustrated. There doesn’t seem to be a competitor that can match it. I certainly won’t spend a dime on their store since I can lose it at any second.

That really is most unfortunate, just disgusting.

It needs a lawsuit you're completely right, you shouldn't be able to spend that much money on something and then a company be able to lock you out of it with no warning.

I have just checked out the Oculus T and Cs, it' is pretty draconian - one device per person, no unlinking once a device is linked, and that lock-out.

Of course they could unlink it if they wanted to - I don't imagine they've got a pile of 2000 Oculus Quests that they've used once per account while testing lying around.

One device per person too!