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RE: LEO price and LEO activity correlation ? Analysis using Linear Regression .

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I'm surprised you infer the direction of causality.

You can't do that from this data surely?

Obviously it makes more intuitive sense to infer that it's price going down that makes users post less, but technically it could be the other way around!?


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Please pardon me , I don't think I understood what you really meant by this .

Can you reframe it please?

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What i mean is you've got the data that shows a correlation between the two variables but you can't infer from the data the direction of 'causality'. You'd need time relevant data for that.

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Hey no time series isn't always a necessary factor to calculate the relation between two factors .

you can't infer from the data the direction of 'causality'

Any two independent variable can be taken for finding the coefficient of determination . Coefficient of determination is used to measure the direction and magnitude of causality . It is there to show us how much one factor is affecting other factor .

How can it do that ? It does by taking the whole data into picture ( like training and testing the dataset in Machine Learning ) .

Coefficient of determination comes under Machine Learning itself .

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Gotcha cheers!

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