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RE: Cool random post finder from new dApp/project "kolony"

in STEMGeekslast year

Ha , it's easy for things to get buried here!

Love the random post feature!

I always wanted to see a hive randomiser, but it would give you a list of several random topics, then you could explore from there...almost like that "stumble upon" website that we as pretty cool

Just some random free ideas!

Thanks for hollering!


I came back to let you know that the random button is back!

Amazing thanks!

Random photo would be another interesting idea

Unfortunately, I'm not s developer by any stretch...but I have good ideas... Now I just need money then I could put my ideas to work!

Keep up the good work

Nice! Love your reply! ok so, since I deleted the random button from Kolony, I can offer an alternative. This other app hosted I have hosted on GitHub has similar functionality.

I remembered I also love the random post feature. I'll add it to the Kolony to-do list. I found your post because I've been actively rebuilding Kolony and making it more usable.