Cool random post finder from new dApp/project "kolony"

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I was digging through the different dApps at the website(i like to browse it from time to time-i still really want a way to upload mp3sπŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“) and there was a noticeable number of new projects that i didn't notice last time i checked, which is good news!

One that caught my eye was called . Billed as a "minimal text based" front end, it was rather unassuming. But then, bam!... what is this "random" button?


Sure seems to pull up different pages each time, no idea how random it is, or if its just newish posts or archives or what, but still cool- something to keep you on your toes looking for something new.

There is also a button to check the "introduce yourself" tag.
So, if you like to keep an eye on all the "fresh meat" there's a new method for ya! It definitely shows the potential to access different topics/tags from one location.

Since there really arent that many posts to hive and its fairly easy to sift through, i also like to check the "new posts" feed on peakd and just kinda browse through all the stuff that is pouring in: ..... "kind of" random

I sort it by recent instead of HOT then i can check out all types of posts from people i dont know and communities i've never heard of! Its always neat to discover new posts and people and topics...Hive is very interesting, we can only wonder what the future will bring!

Are there any cool dApps or projects that you are getting excited about?

Like i said before, hive seems to be really lacking a way (that i know) to upload mp3s/audio files (maybe you are the one to tell me what i'm missing πŸ˜‰)

There was a cool one called dsound but it went MIA unfortunately. I welcome all the new dApps and projects, its all great news in my opinion...i mean theres a hypnotism community - i'm getting random hypno tokens now-WHAT COULD BE MORE RANDOM THAN THAT? ?!!

hit that random button, my friend! !

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