Learning Node-Red first flow

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So to start the new year I am following along with a series of posts by my irl brother about Node-Red programming. Last night I followed the first post Install Node-Red and got Node-Red installed on one of my Raspberry Pi computers. Today I followed the second post First Node-Red flow and setup my first Node-Red flow (program). The following screenshot is the Node-Red flow diagram:
This next screenshot is the Node-Red UI (control webpage):
And to finish up this post here is a picture of the Raspberry Pi alongside the LED that is being controlled by the Node-Red flow.

Looking forward to what magical things @robingreig teaches us next.

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Great Job! Now we just need to install the mosquitto mqtt broker on that Pi and then it can be the broker for all of the various PI data that you collect. That way you can have many different tabs on that one device that will allow you to track and graph all of it! That will be the new topic that I'll start in a couple of days! Just remember bro, you got me started in all of this techie magic many years ago, and now it's payback time (grin)!

mosquitto installed last night.

I've been reading through @robingreig's articles, too, and getting inspired to revisit some of the projects I've had waiting in the wings. It's great to see other people playing with the same toys!

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