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RE: Raspberry Pi Foundation Launches Pi 400

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"I do wish they went with some sort of SSD instead of using SD cards. SD Cards are notoriously unreliable when abruptly shutting down the computer, and this happens frequently with a PC. You can get 120GB SSD for around $20, it should have at least been an option. The performance difference with an SSD on a Pi over SD is huge."

I am not sure what you mean, I think one could just buy a SSD extern harddisk and set the bias to boot from it, then you would avoid the SD card, am I right?


I wonder whether the keyboard has a space to mount one internally?

Bruh, no it has not... but I found the answer, its easy to connect an external SSD harddisk and the SD card is very stabile these days, so what markymark writes is not relevant these days (that SDs are instabile), shame on you @themarkymark for ignoring me and providing wrong information :)

I didn't see your question even come in on Gina.

You can use a USB 3 cable (I have a post that goes into this for the Pi 4 but should be very similar) to boot off SSD.

I really think the device should have come with SSD as desktop usage really isn't good on an SD card and they could have done a good sized SSD for only $20. Likely even fit it inside of the keyboard (ideal).

I didn't provide the wrong information, I assumed it was obvious you could use an external SSD or even use an SSD cable like the one in my post above. I was mainly referring to what they provide and how they could have done it internally for a much better product.

ok sorry for shaming you, yeah I guess it was obvious that one could use an external harddisk. I see your point, my roommate told me that SD cards are stabile these days, but yes I am also skeptical of running my computer with a SD card as "harddrive" :)...

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SD are fairly stable, unless you pull the power then they run a higher than normal chance of corrupting. But more importantly they are slow as shit, especially random reads.

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