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RE: Ways of income for Engagement Project + Major code update ( with explanation ) to check the comment quality

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@amr008 Thank you. I am learning something new everyday! I didn't realize the complexity of "bot-ting" and the power of copy and paste! Does this apply only to text? The reason behind my question was that I am considering using a graphic after me reply's/posts as a way to watermark my comments/posts. etc..... Here is an example. I am using this graphic because I have posted the graphic in comments prior to this post.

Thank you again for your insight into the "engagement" process!

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Hey @kingneptune . All the URL(http and https://) , IMG are removed before calculating the quality of comments .

So you can continue doing that , I don't think it will pose any problem.

@amr008 Thank you! That was a quick response! I am at 0523 PST in the world, how about yourself?

Its 7:06 PM over here :)