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RE: Everyday chemistry: Micellar water

in STEMGeeks2 months ago

Parang prone naman sa bacteria kung reusable cloth cleanser yung gamitin. Yung dust sa pagpapatuyo kakapit, and not good to wipe it back to our face. Unless my sterilizer machine tyo na magcecleanse dun bago gamitin 😅
But I learned something about pla yun.kind've expensive though


I think storage problems na if dust Kasi Kung sun dried Yung cloth, automatic UV disinfection from the sun so I don't think the drying part is that critical unless sobrang polluted na Ng hangin sa area nyo siguro?

Lol they're expensive cuz expensive din water treatment Nyan eh

Yup natural disinfection pero may dust parin matitira dun 😅...proper disposal na lang cguro after sa pag gamit ng cotton cleanser .yun lang, kahit idispose natn properly, yung mapupuntahan naman na garbage dump site hndi, lol..

I wonder if people are open to buying UV lamps just for drying reusable cotton cloth 🤣

I guess they have no idea about it 🤣..