How the matter originated?

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Sun is one of the star that has been life for millions years ago. The sun was growing old after millions years and become a strage star as we called the red giant, which has more radius and less energy that the present day. This phenomenone was call as the star evolution, where in Chemistry was discussed in the nuclear fussion reaction.

Figure Nebulla of the space

The star evolution was started by the primordial universe, where the pure energy was presence without any element of the periodic table. These energy change into matter after cooling down, where Einstein was predicted and formulated through the most well know equation as the (E = m.c^2). The first material was a quark which is the primordial form of a matter, consist of the quark, lepton and boson of the standar model. As the time flow, the elementary particle was growing by combining each other to form a proton, electron and neutron as the sub-atomic particle. Hidrogen was the first element that produce in the primordial universe, because has a simplest structure of a proton and electron.

The primordial star mostly a giant ball of hidrogen, with the enormous force of gravity. This condition is an ideal for started a nuclear fussion reaction, where combining the two of Hidrogens (1 proton) to produce a Helium (2 protons) and realease and enormous energy. As the time flow the hidrogen in the star will run out, hence the helium (2 protons) will started burning into carbon (4 protons) and release energy, but the color of star will be different (probably red) from different day (white). This process will end since the element reach at iron (26 protons), because the gravity can't hold the material any longer, hence the star will explode into a supernovae. This condition usually occur for the giant ball of hydrogen, but our sun is probably take different way of evolution, because the size is much smaller compare to the primordial star.

As we explain earlier, the star evolution will create the well-known element which presence in out planet today. However, the material after the iron (26 proton) will produce during star explotion (26 proton and more), because this phenomenone also release the amount of energy in the high speed (close to speed of light), hence the abundant will lower compare to the first material.

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How do we get you to write about more than what amounts to a spun wikipedia article? Maybe you can recreate experiments? Or theorize about new phenomena?

Have you seen my member berries community?

I have done a couple #stem related posts over there.

That's good idea, but we should have a good background in this, because the discussion about the universe is much deeper

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Ohh, thanks you, I will use the grammarly in the time... However I not a native in English...🙏🤓. Thanks for the correction


No sweat. Even we native English speakers get English wrong all the time.

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Consider you are given a second chance.

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We don't want spun Wikipedia articles here.

Just to clarify, I am not accusing anyone of an actual spun wikipedia article here. I probably should not have used that term.

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