Deep Daze: Bee Hive in Space

in STEMGeeks2 years ago (edited)

This image was produced by AI. I gave it the text "bee hive in space" as the initial prompt.

To me, it kinda looks like a hive on the International Space Station, in front of a window, overlooking the Earth. You can kinda see the atmosphere in the center, as if it was in the background.

How to recreate ...
  1. Browse to:
  2. At "New simplified notebook" Open in Colab
  3. Run the first cell by clicking on the play button next to !pip install deep-daze --upgrade
  4. Wait for the cell to load.
  5. In the second cell, change "an apple next to a fireplace" to whatever you want.
  6. Run the second cell.

It'll begin to draw what you requested, showing you the intermediate versions along the way. If you let it run long enough, it'll produce more and more details.


Very cool and interesting to try it yourself. I simply followed the instructions and was able to get the following image for mountains and rainbow on the 9th iterations.. Thanks for sharing it dear. cheers


It does look like it's out there in space. I wonder how bees perceive it? Perhaps we are their twilight zone moment. LOL