Citizen Science Entry 1

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Here's my first entry to Le Mouth's citizen science program. In the interest of catching up with the rest of the participants these posts will be a bit... spartan.

This entry proceeds quick: I built a Docker container to install and run MadGraph software. Then ran the commands @lemouth outlined in his post.

Here's the steps I followed on an Ubuntu 20.04 container:

# $ wget
# $ tar xf MG5aMC_LTS_2.9.9.tar.gz
# $ cd MG5_aMC_v2_9_9
# $ pip3 install six
# $ ./bin/mg5_aMC
# MG5aMC>install lhapdf6 
# MG5aMC>install pythia8

Most of the commands above were taken from Le Mouth's first post in the citizen science program. Below is a screenshot of MadGraph running in a container on Windows.


And that's it. Until next time all you lovely people :).


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It seems that everything worked fine for you. Congrats! I don't know what to write instead of this... well... spartan comment. I hope you will forgive me. However, as you managed to succeed without any problem, I am afraid I cannot do better this time ;)

Now, it will be time to test this for a real physics application (episode 2). I am looking forward to read more from you! The next episode is planned for next week, so that you have time to catch us.


PS: This was a nice surprise to see you in!

Everything was smooth sailing. Thanks lemouth!

Looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

By the way, how long did this episode take to be achieved?


It took roughly a day. The biggest part was setting up the environment (the docker container).

Maybe this could be worth a full post (when you will have time). This is the kind of documentation others (assuming more will join the project later) could find useful. However, please consider this as an optional suggestion, and do it only if you have time and feel for it (i.e. maybe later).

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