Math Brain Teasers 30:: Equation - Fill The Empty Boxes???

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Hey All; @StemGeeks Mathematician;

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With that let's get into our Math Brain Teasers 30:: Equation - Fill the Empty Boxes with Question Mark? Have a close look at the Math Equation/Puzzle and see if you can come up with a logic to fill the boxes with the question mark. Let me assure you that, it's a simple Maths equation with no complexities involved. If you love numbers then this should be a piece of cake for you to solve it.

Math Brain Teasers 29:: FUN with VISUAL Brain Teasers - Guess NAME??- Solved with Explanation


The answer to this; FUN with VISUAL Brain Teasers - Guess NAME was;


I'm sure you people would have watched this movie; CINDERELLA for sure.

STEM token GiveAway

I'll be again doing a giveaway of STEM tokens to the lucky random winner with the correct answer. For the last contest, which was Math Brain Teasers 29:: FUN with VISUAL Brain Teasers - Guess NAME?.

Surprisingly there was no entry to the contest; GUESS the Name. I thought that this would be FUN; Guessing the Name of the Movie with the help of the emojis given. Looks like geeks don't see much of the movies and are busy with a lot of other work. Anyways; I'll see if I can rollover the reward of this contest for the other Maths Brain Teasers contents lined up.

Math Quote for the Day::

Here is the motivation to solve the Maths Equation Puzzle?


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The pattern on both sides is the list of primes. On the left, just the sequence starting with three. On the right the number of the letter starting with two. Hence, on the left we have 17 and on the right the 13th letter, “m.”

17 M



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Numbers are prime number series and alphabets are from alphabetical series but from a position of corresponding previous prime number

For example C against 5 because c is 3rd (prime before number 5) alphabet.

So answer is 17 M

The answer is 17 M
It’s a diagonal relationship between numbers and alphabets like C is the third alphabet and then E is the 5th alphabet
3 B
5 C

The last number should be 17 as its a series of prime numbers and M is the 13th alphabet

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