STEMGeeks Miner Match & Burn Promotion

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Starting immediately, all STEM Miners sales (STEMM) will be matched 3:1 for the next 7 days with a burn.

There are 1,000 STEMM tokens on the market right now, in 7 days I will burn an three times the amount of STEM Miners that sold for the week.

If 100 STEM Miners sell in the next 7 days, I will then burn 300 STEM Miners.

This promotion will run for one week.

I just put 1,000 STEM Miners on the market for this promotion.

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I have close to 96 STEM Miners; will try making them 100 so that at least I can contribute from my end in burning of the STEM miners. thanks for running the STEM miner burn promotion. cheers

Tempted me in for a few.

I had purchased some STEM which I think is quite undervalued but STEMM is expensive. I have only STEM and hope that if price for STEMM will get correction then I will buy some. This is nice initiative btw.

 2 years ago 

Compared to other tribes selling hundred of thousand miners, STEM has very few in comparison, less than 5,000. STEM also has the lowest inflation and the highest token burn designing it to be sustainable long term.

Thanks for sharing this info and I will check out more of token economy and inflation of STEMM. thanks again

I have been a fan of STEMM. Let's see if I have some Hive .
Real struggle is choosing between STEM or STEMM . STEM price is undervalued right now.

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