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RE: Microsoft Windows 11 Leaked

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Maybe it was designed but never intended to be released...well, either way they need to seriously start prioritizing privacy


either way they need to seriously start prioritizing privacy

After seeing what they did with Windows 10, I have come to the conclusion Microsoft has gone full evil.

I used to laugh at the Mac VS PC commercials Apple did as they were all lies at the time. Apple ended over time doing everything they said PC did but even worse. With Windows 10 Microsoft has really got invasive and now Apple has been taking security seriously. Microsoft has always taken security really seriously, more so than anyone but not from themselves.

why I now only use Mac/Apple instead of Windows the last couple years, for their integrity of privacy keeping. Windows is way too big brother for me these days. I would very much appreciate and enjoy seeing a majority of the big companies like facebook, Windows etc lean more towards privacy for the people. Opting into ads and giving information rather then just taking it without peoples knowledge.