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RE: Creating NFTs with the AI Generator: Playgroundai

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Thank you for sharing this post on HIVE!

Your content got selected by our fellow curator elizacheng & you just received a little thank you upvote from us for your great work! Your post will be featured in one of our recurring compilations which are aiming to offer you a stage to widen your audience within the DIY scene of Hive. Stay creative & HIVE ON!

Please vote for our hive witness <3


Thank you very much for this appreciation, @elizacheng, and @diyhub! I used to craft stuff from wood, years ago. Maybe one day I'll get back to using my hands for this activity and that would go right into #diyhub Thank you, once again!

Cool, looking forward to your wood crafts in the future... 😊

Thank you so much for your encouragement!

You are most welcome ☺️