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RE: LEO price and LEO activity correlation ? Analysis using Linear Regression .

in STEMGeeks5 months ago

Very interesting analysis. I didn't necessarily need to see this because I can tell from my own feelings towards the markets. Most of us don't plan on selling anytime soon but there is only so long that you can take getting slapped across the face by a 2x4 before you say, "You know what? I'm not going to pay attention for a few days and let it come back." We all have the belief it will else we'd all be selling. But no one likes to see negative news every day. It's just human nature. And most of us have other ways we could (and maybe should) be utilizing our time so when it's gloomy in the markets, it's a good time to focus on other things that need our attention.

In the meantime, this is certainly the BEST time to be and stay active. As you say, the rewards go up and the potential attention from other people isn't nearly as competitive.

Love the info, as always! Your posts are always worth every dime they earn.

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