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RE: Ways of income for Engagement Project + Major code update ( with explanation ) to check the comment quality

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yeah, amazing! that's really cool, @amr008! :D
With HiveSQL you could probably easily test this also for other time ranges - did you compare the new approach with previous results?
FuzzyWuzzy, didn't know that, another module to give a try - thanks!


Thank you very much :)

Yes I did compare this with previous results and there was a massive difference , since the code alerts me with possible spammers and their previous ranks , I was surprised to see that many copy pasters had around 40-50 rank out of 200 people on LeoFinance and after the implementation all of their ranking has gone over 150 + if they somehow get to top 25 too by commenting say 10000 comments the code rejects their posts and doesn't upvote them.

Fuzzy Wuzzy is awesome , let me know if you need any help :)

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@amr008 Is there a penalty for upvoting without a comment? Things that make you go UMMMMMM........

I didn't get you . What do you mean by that?

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@amr008 If a person only upvotes a post and doesn't add a reply is there a "spamming" penalty? I would imagine that a reply would be more beneficial (engagement wise) than a "Solo" upvote? Does an upvote (solo) count towards engagement? If it doesn't count then the "engagement" factor is a wash. If there is a penalty "Spamming" then it would be better to add a comment vs. a "Solo" upvote.

Why am I asking this? Because sometimes I am online looking at content and the "brain" is tired. When I am in this "Brain Waxing" mode, all I accomplish is an upvote.

Lol no no. All those isn't taking into count.

Also I just saw the tip you sent. Thanks a lot .

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@amr008, hey you are welcome! You are doing some great things over here and I appreciate you effort!

Thanks buddy :) Do you watch sports ? lol I am trying to see who all are interested in SPORTS .

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