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RE: Climate Change Mitigation and World's Food Sustainability: Agroforests may be just what the world needs

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One of my biggest qualms with the “climate change” narrative is it’s been around for decades, since the 1960’s and they keep trying to change the wording and the goalposts. There have been tyrants that have said the ice caps will melt because of global warming. They have said the planet will suffer famine and massive land loss. It’s all scare tactics and fear porn. The simple fact is that climate outside of the tropics is always going to be erratic no matter if humans are industrialized or not. You cannot control that and this is a fight for more control and killing of millions of people and businesses in the faux “disaster”. If there was really an issue, the best way is to present the problems to the smartest universities in the world and give them a few years or a decade to come up with solutions to the problems instead of compulsion and mandates on things. The very second compulsion comes into the picture you know it’s an absolute farce.

Human beings are a brilliant species! We come up with solutions to problems every single day and love to innovate. This is another problem that we can and will innovate our way to a better place but that’s not what governments and corporations want. They want control, and that’s it.