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RE: The Last Heartbeat | From Present To Omnipresent | Death And Science

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How timely this is! My sister was cremated last night. Unlike sweet, lucky Lablab, she did not go peacefully in her sleep. Likewise, we've had to put down our loyal pets who refused to give up the ghost (the sad fate of so many pet owners horrified at having to pay the vet to inject the needle to end it all). This:

No matter how prepared you think that you are for that moment, it will still break your heart. Well, her physical body may be gone but she still occupies a space in our minds and massively in our hearts, because she matters.

For sure. I started my own blog post this morning with the same thought.

Hugs to you all, and yes, let us see in the smiles of other dogs the ones we lost.


So sorry for your loss. Indeed, it is so hard to accept losing someone who is that close to your heart.
I find peace in the thought that wherever they might be right now, they are free from pain and suffering. Also, the thought of gaining another angel to watch over us. Hugs to you all.