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RE: We All Got Trapped ! CGI Work

in OnChainArt2 years ago

Looks kind of like sim city on my phone before I deleted it 😆 (I didn’t get up to having airports, got too impatient with how long it took to unlock things, nobody messes up my planning in such ridiculous ways 😜)

I love the little clouds 😆 and really good for the breakdown and close up shots, looks like there’s quite a bit going on that’s really easy to miss in the final 🙃


heheh, yaaa actually Sim City was one of on my mind creating this one, I love putting small detials here and there, but sometimes in the final image people wont notice it.

but thank you ! i am glad you liked it 😀 . haha btw i never played sim city :(

I feel like the little details we put into things might not be noticed by other people but their absence would really be noticed :)

I liked the pc version of SimCity from however long ago it was, I've played both the original and one of the followups (but don't remember which one, pretty sure there were a couple). Really didn't like the mobile version XD

I will need to give it a try and test out that game :D

I love putting these small details even though sometimes people don't see it but in a way it adds in small details here and there which make the final image rich

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