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RE: We All Got Trapped ! CGI Work

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for the colors, I wanted to keep it simple and classy, Color's will def change the mood and made it into more cartoony happy - ish vibe which is for me would kill the idea, I kept black and white and gold to make the image look elegant :)

i do agree with you we are heading to tech future, I am pretty sure in some lab somewhere people are already trying to mixing Humans and Robots together, Lets see where life will take us in the next 10 years, Cant wait to have the futuristic life :)


Yeah the world is moving fast and this 2020 "lock year" truly feels like the dawn of that new digital age. I like the movie Chappie but that might be too fairytale. The world is getting dark with authoritarian govs responding to people protesting and questioning all over the world.

sadly year '2020 ' has been something really odd and confusing, Many people are feeling lost and not sure what to do in their lives. But def technology is expanding in front of our eyes for sure.

its more and more start to feel like a one of these dark Sci fi movies where technology and robots controls everything we eat, feel, and even think .

i am not sure how this will end but i am sure it wont be within these years

You're spot on man.
2020 is beginning of Dystopia.
I didn't want to say it before because you seemed optimistic so I didn't want to go dark.. but you are very right, that this is affecting humanity is some negative ways. I see many struggling with the mental journey because the Media is part of that bombardment. It's essentially a long game of CORPORATIONS v THE PEOPLE. Gov the Umpire (which is really on the side of CORP).

Take care of yourself and those that matter to you I think is the priority. Not saying not to care for others, because we all need to look out for each other but like you point out... the years ahead are likely to bring more hardship. Stay safe!

same to you my friend ! take a good care of your self, and who knows, maybe i'll see you in future 🤖