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When talking about technology, the impact it has had on education can never be overemphasized; it has literally changed the face of studies and made reading, researching, learning, and teaching a whole lot easier for both the learners and their tutors. But despite its good qualities, technology has some lapses that could hinder the willingness to learn if care is not taken.


The impact of technology on education is enormous, and the beauty of it is that it keeps improving on a daily basis. You can imagine the thought of reading through almost an entire book because you're looking for a certain keyword or so; in these generations with the invention of the eBook, you can easily swipe into any page or section you want by entering the keywords you needed, and the same goes for researchers done in the past that required a lot of traveling and investigation when it can be easily googled in this present age.

So in this post today, I'll be taking you through my personal experience of how I fared with technological devices during my schooling days, if they were helpful or not, and how it's presently affecting my job as a teacher who imparts knowledge to students. I'll also take a look into what I believe is the future of technology in education.


During my schooling days there were lots of technology gadgets and equipment, although they were not as advanced as they are now. If I'm to be truthful with how I most used them during my undergraduate days, then I'll say it was more of a distraction than a medium through which I used it to improve my learning.

That doesn't necessarily connote the fact that I didn't use it for activities that promote my learning and academic success, but when both effects were to be compared, I'm certain how it served as a distraction would win, because most times when I ought to read or concentrate on my studies, I ended being distracted by notifications coming in on my mobile phone, or I'll most likely be playing different games on my PC.

These as affected me a lot because I spend most times on my smartphone and pc doing all related tasks like chatting or playing games, then at the end of the day when the examination approaches, I start to panic and try to assimilate all when I could have taken one at a time on a gradual pace prior to the examination or any forms of evaluation.

On the long run, when I realized its effects on how poorly my results were depreciating, I came to a consensus with myself and had a lasting change that minimized watching movies, chatting, and playing games, after which I inculcated the habit of reading more often and as well as using the technology gadget to enhance my studies, which had a very positive change on my results.


The impact technology has had on education can never be overemphasized. Despite some of its downsides, we can't downplay how well it has improved the medium of learning and impacted knowledge on both learners and their tutors via the enormous benefit it brought, and with that in mind and the new innovations happening on a daily basis, I see it taking education to the next level.

With the advent of different AI algorithms and innovation, I see it having a positive impact on education, because using Chat GPT as a case study, we've seen how these AI have been programmed to enhance learning, easy writing, researchers, and much more, to name a few. If these are to be given the green light, it'll definitely improve the more.


Despite the many developments and improvements that GPT and other AI promise to bring to education, there might be some downsides, which could include the likelihood of students wanting to do so thorough research or putting effort into their studies when an AI can easily give them an answer to almost all of their questions.

But overall, I believe education will be in a safe space under the guidance of technology, because it has changed its face and made it much easier. Now we have electronic boards where you can easily show practical examples while you're teaching, so it won't just be like the contemporary norms of using mouth or just pictures to explain when the board can easily be programmed to display practical videos or the subject matter and much more.

That's about all from me today on the impact technology has had on me academically, how it once was a distraction and how I made it work for me in the long run. As I stated, I also believe it has a lasting future that will enhance education much more than we can envision in the nearest future. The examples of the electronic board and AI are just the tips of an iceberg, because there is much more it has in store to improve education.

I'm grateful that you've stayed with me thus far. I hope you had a great read. Writing on this topic of the impact technology has had on education and me personally was prompted by a kronias write-up in the Hive Learners Community. Do check it out to see all the necessary information.

NOTE: All images were designed by me on canva.

Thanks so much for reading, have a blessed and productive day ahead.


It's true that technology has had a significant impact on education, making many learning and teaching activities more efficient and accessible. However, it's also important to recognize that excessive or inappropriate use of technology can cause distraction and addiction, and can also negatively impact the development of social skills and critical thinking. It is important to find a balance in using technology in education, using it as a tool to enhance learning without replacing human relationship and social interaction.

Yea you're right on point and correct with each of your point, like I stated it important and impact are enormous, but when we can't probably manage and find a balance, the distraction creep in, so does the lack of willingness to put in more effort into performing task and critical thinking.

I'm excited about your input and glad you stop by to give us a more concrete insight.

Have a blessed day.

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Everything man-made has its bad sides and technology in education can't be overemphasized truly.

Studying has become easier than it use to be and we can't thank technology enough for that. The issue of distraction can be controlled by students who are grown up and for children, who just need parental supervision to get things straight.

that it keeps improving on a daily basis

Honestly... It just keeps increasing like it's endless.

I also won't deny the fact that these gadgets pose as distraction tools for us students but then let's actually be honest here,
The distractions didn't come from the phone and other gadgets, the distractions came Because us personally needed distraction and then these gadgets were there.... I for one don't believe these gadgets are to be blamed.
They are there and our manner of usage shouldn't be blamed on them

Great post bro👍

This is true!Technology has brought adverse effects on people especially the students. There are advantages but also advantages. It's a matter of learning how to manage using technological devices properly. Indeed, technology has been very helpful to us especially in the education sector!

That's is correct, it has it ups and down just like every other things we've on earth, but when properly manage, we'll Triumph with it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

On the long run, when I realized its effects...

We learn from our mistakes.
The good thing is that you've realized how technology affects you and you've overcome it. Most young people are now glued to their phones, but they are a different generation.

That's indeed correct, the greatest thing one can do is to realize their mistake and initiate a lasting change that'll improve them better, I'm glad I was able to realize mine on time.

The generation we're now is highly sophisticated with technology and that's why most of them are glue to it, I think they'll need a good guidance to lead them through what to doand what no to do.

Seriously technology has disadvantages as well which can distract any students while studying online

But the fact that it provides whatever we need wouldn't let us forget about it easily like that
Technology comes in two ways it is either you get affected in a good way or in a bad way it depends on what you are doing on the internet

That's basically sums it up, you're correct and the simple conclusion on how to get the best from it draws back to us or should I saw the person in question, your level of commitment and willingness to make it work for you will determine how much we benefits from it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Yes dear, the benefits are much, but it also comes with it's disadvantages which we need to watch.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks true, thanks for stopping by

A lot of the traits that used to mark students as "brilliant" and "intelligent" will now be taken over by gadgets and AI. Then we would have to find other things to separate the good students from the not so good students.
A lot of possibilities.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

That's just it, hopefully students won't relent but only keep up the good work not totally depending on ai.

I ended being distracted by notifications coming in on my mobile phone, or I'll most likely be playing different games on my PC.

Hahaha, phone notification is the highest distraction am battling with now. Though, technology is good and relevant, yet, it's disadvantages is great.

That's one of the major distraction that ushers in others.
I hope you overcome it and make amends

Yes, am trying. Yet, it's affecting me. It have even affected my efficacy on hive.

Hmmm it's well,don't let it hinders hive o.

For me if it affects almost everything, I don't let it affects hive and my devoted time to my maker.

I pray we all have the grace to overcome.

Thanks for your piece of advice. Am trying to kick against it. Hahaha, maybe, village people don come🤣🤣. I pray, this year gonna be better.

Mehn those days in school was not funny but funny now, we chat and play games like there's no tomorrow and when exams come we start panicking, and those notifications when you're trying to read online 🙈🙈 damn... Thank God you were able to adjust and do the needful.

Lols indeed a very funny scenario and and not at the same time, well looking back I can only laugh and appreciate God for the kind of friends I moved with in the later part of my time in school.

Just like you rightly said technology has its adverse effects as well as it's great importance and opportunity. Knowing when and how to use them effectively is what determines the results that follow.

When you were playing games in school, your results were smiling and telling you "dey play" 😂😂😂

Technology is a vital tool in education, but this comes along with serious discipline and focus. If you lack discipline, you will spend all your days on your gadgets.

The rate of distraction is very high, but if someone can pass through that, it will be okay.

I have learnt a lot through the internet and I'm still learning more.
Nice content here man, you are amazing!!

Yeah, the one that would say technology hasn’t bring positive impact to education is a lie. I really do second your above listed points, technology has really improved teaching and learning activities through virtual or online classes, online exams, etc. The internet through technology has made it easier for students to do research when assignments are given and this has really made things easier.

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