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This is the whole point of technology. It creates an appetite for immortality on the one hand. It threatens universal extinction on the other. Technology is lust removed from nature. – Don DeLillo

The advent of technology and it continuous advancement as been of great help to mankind, by reducing the workload in manual labour we once engaged in, it as also been effective in other ramifications of lives, however it's negative impact on mankind and our ecosystem can never be overemphasized.


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Of course there's almost nothing that doesn't have a negative aspects of it own, so technology isn't as exception, but I hope that in as much as we work towards the betterment of lives for mankind via technology, that'll be able to curb the negativity that comes along with it.

I pray in our quest for solutions, we'll not create more problems.


So my write-up about technology advancement and an insight into my favourite technology advancement was prompted by the @hive-learners Community feature topic for the 2nd edition of the 5th week topic,which is as stated below, you can also share your view and opinion by posting it into the hive learners community.

Over the years, the world has gone through various technological changes in almost every sphere of life. Some of these are good while affecting us in negative ways. Tell us about your favourite technological advancement today.

So without further ado, come with me as I share my thoughts on my favourite technological advancement.


When talking about technological advancement, Smartphone is by far my favourite technology gadgets enhanced, and it's worthy of note that Smartphone are by miles different from cellphone, while cellphone can only make calls, play basic game and send messages, smartphone can do more than than.


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Take for instance that there were no Smartphones during the advent of Covid-19 lockdown, when everyone was ask to stay indoor, most people would have die of depression and loneliness, than they'll from Covid it self, because Smartphone was the gadget which kept us alive, active and entertained during those trying period.


The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.” – Sean Gerety

  • It can connect us to the internet, where we get to read vital information and news.
  • It's an avenue for learning and project research. e-learning
  • It's an avenue to advertise our products and services, and also a channel for visibility. e-commerce
  • We get to easily connect with friends and family who are miles always from us, and yet still enjoy reality view. Video calls and the likes.
  • We get to make new friends from all spheres of life via social media, and also get to learn about other people's culture and tradition.
  • When bored you can watch movies, play game or pay music via it.
  • It saves us the stress of moving up and down is this dangerous world, with bad roads and likeliness of getting involved in an accident, because we can now place order for goods online.
  • It saves cost of transportation of going to everyone you need to see or communicate with, since you can easily commune with them via call, message, voice or video chat.


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All in all smartphones saves time and energy, and as taken the place of most gadget and human as man's best friend, there is hardly a human in this generation who can do without his/her phone for a while day, and that's why you'll notice that even when it battery runs down, you're always striving to get it powered up again.

Without Smartphone and technology gadget like laptop, there won't be a platform call #hive and we won't have meet, neither will be able to read this.

  • It's worthy of note too that smartphone as taken the place of most gadget in our houses, thereby saving us the need of purchasing or having a house jam-packed with items like calendar, wall clock, radio, alarm device, calculator and the likes to mention but few, and I believe with the above listed few importance of smartphone, you'll agree with me that it's one of the most important technological advancement mankind has.

Before I draw the coting to a close on this article, I'll love to share some negative impact of smartphone and technology technology generally.

  • Addiction: one of the negative impact of smartphone is addiction, it's so addictive to the point where it can lead to forgetting about other tasks we ought to do, or lead to some lead in solitude.

  • Radiation: one of the major negative effect of most technological gadgets is radiation, and when we are expose to too much of it, could lead to burn skin or Cancer and the likes.

Technology is of great importance to everyone, and it's improvement and advancement as saved us from hours spent on activities manually, but it's negative impact are also enormous, I hope we'll get to curb most of this negative effect, so we can all enjoy the goodies technology as equiped us with.

So let discuss in the comments section;

  • what's your opinion on technological advancement?
  • Which is your favourite technological advancement?
  • What's your opinion on Smartphones?
  • How can the negative impact of technology be curb to a minimal level?

Thanks for checking out my blog post, if you want to know who @vickoly is😉, I'm a shoemaker, who is also into fashion designing and other related craft, to know more about me you can check out my Introduction post on hive, thanks once again, have a blessed and productive day ahead 🥰🥰.


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Most of the people write about Mobile phone and I also write about Mobile phone 📱📱📱. It is really very important for all

That's true, and it all down to show how useful it's to us.

Smartphones has done well for many of us. You are right, I wonder what many would have done if there wasn't anything like smartphone during the lockdown.

Thank you for sharing with us.

You are welcome, thanks for your kind words and addition.

Yeah, Smartphone is always being a vafourite technological advantage, because Smartphone allow for multitask and more helpfull for us.
Good write buddy...👍

Thanks so much Brother, Smartphone is great and help me in many aspects.