A robot will change the face of this profession

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The advent of technology has brought about different innovations and developments in different aspects and sections that have literally changed the face of how these things are done and have even made our day-to-day activities much easier. With the evolution of artificial intelligence, this has even become more efficient, and we've now had robots that could perform tasks on their own without human interaction. So with that evolution in mind, if I were to have the privilege to make a robot, I'd make one to perform tasks in the sector I stated below.

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As I was saying, artificial intelligence has changed the narrative and made technology a must-have for everyone, given its effectiveness and impact on our society and production in different places. So if I were to choose one aspect that I'd love to make a robot so it could take the place of humans in performing those tasks, then I'd be at a crossroads because I've got two aspects in mind, and these two fields are ones I've personally worked in and experienced, so my wanting to create a robot to indulge in these fields means it's draining and stressful, and if robots tend not to get tired, then they're in the best position to perform them.

I'm talking about no other fields but the farming and construction industry; these are two core fields and professions in humanity that hold a vital position in our survival and existence as creations. Just as we need food to stay alive, we also need structures, buildings, and infrastructure for our development, survival, safety, and the like.

And if you've worked in any of these fields, especially in a situation where you've got no modern tools and equipment to ease your stress, then you'll agree with me that despite how enjoyable and the benefits these two fields promise at the end of everything, it's something that's stressful, draining, time-consuming, and dangerous to indulge in, so having a robot do this job for us will be one of the best inventions mankind has made, because those two aspects wouldn't be much of a worry moving forward, given the effectiveness of robots.

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Having a robot helps us indulge in plowing, cultivating land, planting, and harvesting; it makes agriculture much more seamless, and I believe it'll also bring about more productivity because a robot that I'll make will understand the soil and what's required for it to yield a bountiful harvest, and it'll also work tirelessly to cover more fields in planting and harvesting than humans will do.

The same goes for construction. Over the years, we've had different cases of people getting injured and humans dying during the course of the construction of buildings, bridges, and the like. These are stressful and yet dangerous fields to work in, so having a robot perform this for us will make it much more effective. It'll also reduce the likelihood of buildings collapsing after construction because robots tend to understand more accurate calculations than humans would, and having a robot do this will make humans invest their time in other important fields.

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Talking about the form in which I'll make the robot, I would be making the robot in the likeness of man. In my opinion, humans are the perfect creation that can easily do this seamlessly. We have the perfect structure and physicality to perform different activities, so the robot will be made to look like a human. We've watched different movies about robots and have seen robots made to look like humans or just structures to look like humans, even though they're made of metal. What is important is its effectiveness.

That's about it for now. I enjoyed it. You had a good read. Thanks so much for your time. Have a wonderful day ahead.


I love agriculture, it is one of the earliest occupation in the history if man. Agriculture has a lot of wealth in it, if it is well understood and availability of required machinery.

Robot built for farm and industry purpose will surely have great impact, especially if they are built for just one purpose.

Yea that's absolutely correct, I hope to see that comes to reality soon.

Nice writing dear friend although am new here

Truth is that robot and AI makes everything much easier, were you don't have to stress yourself to do certain things but then in construction when you are supposed to employ labor and pay them the robot can take their jobs and make them jobless.

That's absolutely correct, they've had a positive impact on our system and daily activities.

Wow that's wonderful write up

Robots can work continuously and the work will be more accurate and it will be helpful to save many human life and from getting injured. I think in the future days robots will be used in all the sectors you mentioned here. Indeed it will be good for humans but it will bring some threats for humans also because everything comes with it's disadvantages.

Yes indeed everything has it disadvantages and but it's a good concept.

We can only hope it goes well.

I believe you friend @vickoly

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