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Hello everyone, it's great to still be able to participate in the weekly contest with all of my friends, this is the 5th week for me to participate in a contest held by the #HiveLearners community TEAM and now I'm about to finish another interesting topic to discuss.


Over the years, the world has gone through various technological changes in almost every sphere of life. Some of these are good while affect us in negative ways. Tell us about your favourite technological advancement today.

Basically the purpose of technological progress is to facilitate human activities in carrying out daily activities, examples or general designations of several technologies that can facilitate human activities are machines, including sewing machines (humans can easily sew cloth with the help of machines) wood cutting machines (with the help of machines). easy to cut trees) and many other machines.



Among several types of technology, of course, I prefer some of them such as HANDPHONE (mobile phones always progress every year, new features keep popping up making it easier for me in terms of hobbies and work) one of the benefits that help me the most is "Can make it easier for me" in communicating with people who are far away", (Social Media is getting more advanced and developing) Besides being able to communicate, mobile phones are an alternative that will make it easier for me to reach other types of technology such as online shopping sites that will make it easier for me to shop for things, the items I need, and the convenience I get when shopping online is that I don't have to bother going out of the house because my ordered items will be delivered to my house.


Another type of technology that I like and is currently making progress is AUTOMOTIVE, every year the automotive world is always making progress and always releasing their newest products, even though I still can't buy my favorite product but I always follow every development and progress from the automotive world.

Okay, that's a little explanation from me about MY FAVORITE TECHNOLOGY PROGRESS, for me all types of technology that I like are POSITIVE, It will be very long if I tell all types, Thank you to all friends who have read my writing, I hope you guys leave your mark in the comments column, give me a little constructive input.




Mobile phone is more or like every man's best friend in this generation, and it as been of great help to us.

The same goes for automobile as well, all in all the advert of technology as been a blessing to man kind.


Have you ever not held a cellphone for a full day?
can you? 😁

Ever since I've come of age, cellphone as been my pal. Everywhere I go.

cellphones are like batteries for today's humans, it's tasteless without this thing.😁

I honestly can't

Thank you very much for agreeing with me my brother!

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Mobile phone and automotives are great choices. What would the world have been without them? Thank God to technological advancement

we should be grateful!
our life just got a little easier

Yes indeed

I agree with what you said, not only cellphones and social media, even the automotive world has also experienced such great development there are many models that come out every month with new features that are followed according to the development of an increasingly advanced era

when can we buy a car? or do you already have it?😁

this seems just a dream to be able to buy a car😄

wate awot your model is cheap, don't worry

Mobile phones are very essential for easy communication, nice choice you have made.

With automobile, you can get to your destination without any stress.

Nice post 😊

Unfortunately I don't have a car😅

I totally agree with you, in the area of communication handphone has eased us the stress of phone booths and business center, I find it very easy now to call and also teach the world sitting right in my house so I can say that technology has brought far and must be appreciated as we make use of them daily

Thanks for sharing with us🤝

Thanks my brother for visiting my blog, nice comment from you

I think a lot of people are underestimating the power of mobile phone, as in this technology posses a lot of great features.

I think it's the greatest technology in the world after computer.

I agree with your opinion!
even the features that exist in smartphones are now almost even the same as computers, even more.

I also dream to buy a car but I don't know when my dream fullfil. Whatever, I liked your choice and really those are very important for us

one day our dream will come true, we will buy a used taxi car 😅

I practically cannot go a day without my phone. It's become a part of me. I totally agree with you.

@fery we've got these two entities in they are featured in the post I am writing too. The way these are being constantly upgraded is at the speed of lightening..

Phones and cars, these are the most evolutionary products that I know of. Every single year, newer models keep coming out, each one trying to beat and make the previous model obsolete.
That is just the nature of these things, it is a form of growth when you think of it.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

every year i can hardly resist the temptation to own every new product, lucky i have a goal that i have to achieve, i choose to resist the temptation for a while.😁

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slowly makes us more lazy to move 😅

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even so there are still many people who fail to take advantage of its sophistication.