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RE: Field Experience- Half a day on your feet.

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I understand, I'm busy too. Yes, Medical Lab Technicians are overworked, underpaid (for the crap they have to put up with) and suffering from extreme burnout. The shortage isn't just in my area, it's nationwide all over the US and Canada too.

We're 25,000 MLTs short, just in the US, and each year the number keeps getting higher. The veteran employees are retiring faster than they're being replaced, and new hires quit shortly after being on the job, so it must really suck.

At my campus they interview you and you have to be approved for the major as many students quit when they find out what they have to put up with. Every MLT I spoke to warned me away from the profession and said they were quitting at the first opportunity.

The only good thing is if you can put up with the working conditions, you have a good measure of job security. See these two links:

We have a desperate need here in America for educated immigrant Engineers and MLTs and other health professionals. Instead we get violent, illiterate, migrants who come to pick tomatoes, and we don't need that. My area has been FLOODED with these people, and there are no jobs left for them as the other migrants have taken them all.


The only good thing is if you can put up with the working conditions, you have a good measure of job security.

Lol people in my country would kill for the job. There are a lot of Medical Laboratory graduates over here wasting away jobless, several years after graduating. A lot of them wouldn’t even mind a $150 salary MONTHLY. That’s a lot of money for people here considering how tough it is for people around here. I assume if we lived in the US too, the same $150 will be pennies because of your expenses.

I think starting pay is like $20 or $30 an hour in a big city with plenty of overtime. Just have to find a cheap place to live in a large city. Tell those grads to get over here, we need them! lol Cause I ain't stressing my body out in that job! :)

$20 an hour? Damn! One of the things I sure like about the US is their hour-based payment. We don’t have that around here. You’re payed on a monthly basis. For most workers, if you average their monthly salary against the number of days they work, you get something around 50cents for a full day of work. It’s sad.

And trust me, is the grads here knew of a way to get up there, they’d be knocking on your gates yesterday. Lol.