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As we get older we see new technologies and our technology is increasing day by day. With the advent of new technologies we are able to live a more comfortable life and experience more happiness in our lives. In all the present cases we are seeing the advancement of technology and gradually the advancement of technology is increasing more and more.



Today the technology that we all need the most is the mobile phone and most of the people in the world use this technology. The quality of our lives has improved a lot through mobile phones as mobile phones play an important role in business. We can easily communicate with each other through mobile phones. Mobile phones play an important role in the lives of all of us. Mobile phones are used for various purposes by all of us. In the beginning it was possible to talk only with mobile phones, but gradually technology is improving and now a lot can be done with mobile phones. I wrote this post on mobile today and since I have a mobile I can write post here today. There are many advantages of mobile phones and the benefits of mobile phones cannot be end. Mobile phones are now the main means of communication and with mobile phones we are able to use the Internet. Many people are able to earn money online with a mobile phone while sitting at home and a lot of unemployment is decreased. There are many more benefits to mobile phones and we all know about these benefits. ** Below I am discussing the mobile phones of the past and the current **




The mobile phone that was invented at the very beginning could only be used to make calls and send messages. That phone was called a cell phone and there was nothing special about that phone.




After cell phones came feature phones and many more could be done besides calling and texting on these phones. This phone had the advantage of using the internet and listening to music and watching videos and many more.




Then came the market of smartphones and smart phones are called mini computers. Many of the things that can be done with a computer can be done with a smart phone. Can't finish talking about the benefits of smartphones.

However there are some downsides to all the technology in our world. Mobile also has some downsides β€Œ and it's bad for those who use mobile phones for bad purposes. But it is good for those who use mobile properly.

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it all depends on the person who uses it, if we use the smartphone well then we will be taken in a good direction too.

Yes, absolutely right my dear. I hope you write this comment with your mobile and it is good purpose use

Of course I wrote this comment with my phone.


The big heavy cell phones. I remember seeing them with my uncles. They had a big benefit. You could use it to call someone and if you had a fight with someone you could threw it on the opponent's head. The one that would break would be the head not the phone 😜😝. Hehe. Can a smart phone do this....? Cell phone rocks.😎

Comedy aside, there is no doubt that the arrival of smart phones with the latest technology has made many things easier and possible.

Good luck for the contest.

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Ha ha ha.... Really enjoyed your comment. Yes, Nokia 1100 was very hard phone and you could threw it on the opponent's head.

Thank you very much dear for your comment

Nokia 1100 and Nokia 3310
The hardest ones.

You are most welcome 😊

Yes 3310 was also very hard but I not use it

Very well, @anikearn, I like how you gave a concise history of phones..it looks like from the past to the present. Well, anything that has an advantage has the otherwise too, also depending on what the user uses it for or to access..

Thank you very much dear for your good opinion

In advancement, the rate at which phones improve yearly should be studied.expecially the apple product, in no time we would be seeing iPhone 50, luckily we have substitute they are affordable and do same job.

In all smartphone are the best no matter the brand.

Yes you right but I write about Mobile phone history

Phones on their own have really evolved, from having numerous buttons and now some phones do not even have a single button. Even for some their power button is by touch. The world has really gone far indeed. Very impressive, when you compare where we are coming from to where we are presently.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

Thank you very much for your feedback my dear and some sweet word

The development of cell phones, starting from cell phones to smartphones is very rapid. The development that I feel personally is that over the last 10 years the development of this device has changed the world. and all information from the world, we can get very quickly thanks to the smartphone and internet nowadays.πŸ˜„

Thank you very much for your opinion

You're welcome

Mobile phone has done lots of great thing to mention but few. Imagine me that haven't seen my mom for some time now but the way we communicates daily , the vacuum is being closed.

It's not doubt that phones has its negative side but I believe we should be disciplined enough to avoid that.
Nice job my friend

It is bad who use it for bad purpose my dear and thank you very much for your beautiful words

Mobile phone as taking the place of many other gadgets like wall clock, calendar, alarm and the likes, in fact it took the place of some human to become my best friend, that's why most people can't do without checking their phone for one hours.

It's important in our lives can never be overemphasized, and it as done more good to human in saving us from stress in visiting friends when we can easily call and discuss the needful over the phone.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and also thanks for your opinion

You're welcome.