Technology in schooling

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There is no doubt that technology plays an important role in our lives. In today's time, technology has become a very important need of human beings. Just as eating and drinking has its own importance in our life. Whether it is the field of education, the field of health, field of agriculture,whatever the field may be, technology is used equally in every field. Scientists are engaged daily in trying to improve technology so that human work becomes easier and productivity become fast and high.

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If we talk about technology in the field of education, then in the last few years, technology has completely changed the way of gathering education, today I see that children get education through laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other means, all these tools give them lot of education. If you are having any problem in any subject ,in any topic, then with the help of that technical means, you can clear all your doubts very well and you can learn many things outside your course and learn new things. You can also get explained different types of things on internet, you do not need to be limited to your books.

Any child who has passion, can use this technique as a gem.And with the help of this ,he can get information about any subject of the world can get information about anything in the world in a better way.

When we were in our schooling days then these things were not in so many common because at that time internet connection, laptop was very difficult to afford and I was not belong from such a rich family that I could afford these things. And if we are talking about other things like smartphones, tablets, etc., then at that time the technology was not so developed that things like today's time are available there, I still remember that in our time there used to be normal mobile phones with keypad,getting a touch screen mobile phone was also a big deal.

If seen, the technology was not so developed at the time of our schooling, and the technology that was developed at that time was not so affordable that everyone could use that technology as it is in today's time .Now days every mobile phone has internet. available and that too at a very low price, so at that time it was not at all like that. We were limited to books to get knowledge.

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If seen, there are many chances of distraction of children in using technology, because today there are many such things on the internet which are not right for everyone, if children go towards all these things, then somewhere their distraction chances are more and at the age when children are studying, they do not have much sense of right and wrong, so I think that with technology, it is very important for parents to have a proper supervision on their children because If the parents have a proper vision on the children, then with its help they will not get distracted from their studies and they will completely focus on their studies.Only then will the full benefit of technology available in the education of the children.

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If I talk about the future of technology in education, I feel that in the future technology will much more improved, personalized bots can be designed with the help of artificial intelligence to teach children. These bots can provide any information related to education to the children and this bots can also help the children to understand the things related to their studies in a better way, as well as with the help of these bots, the children can focus on studies only. Will be able to do this because these bots will only have content related to studies and no content will be available here due to which children can focus only and only on studies.
So i think that such type of technology should be developed, so that students can fully focus on their studies.

Thanks for reading till the end 🙂❤️🙂

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Great post. Would've been better if you included your own experience with technology and education. How googling things helped you do assignments easier etc. like that or maybe how you played too much video games and you didn't study because you were too busy playing? haha

If you read my post carefully, I have told there that during our schooling, technology was not developed in the way it is today. And when technology was not used in my schooling, how can I share that experience what I haven't experienced at all.

my apologies. I might have missed that. I was speed reading super busy today. Sad to hear that you weren't able to use technology in schooling. I can't imagine not being able to use devices myself. I was lucky to be in the time where it was more affordable for everyone and that my family could afford it. Hope things are better for you now and that you are making the big bucks :P. All the best to you Abhay.

No issues dear brother.👍
Have a good day 😊

You too have a great day!

Yeah you are absolutely right for instance when there was COVID-19 student couldn't go to school for study all they do is online study and that is how great internet is for people

Yeah right 👍. During Covid-19 technology was really helpful

Like all things, also technology can play a key role in the evolution or in the involution of people and especially children that are the most absorbing

You are right 👍

Es bueno poder leer y aprender cada día de diferentes temas. Gracias. Buen post

Thankyou so much dear friend 😊

De nada amigo😊

I believe in technology and not only in the aspect of education alone. But it has played a great role generally.

And now thing are getting more affordable and also compatible compared to the past. So it would surely make things easier.

Yeah things are getting better nowdays as compared to past.

That’s all we hope for

The future of education with regards to technology is vast and full of possibilities. Because technology keeps on evolving and for that education will continue to adapt. There is no end in sight to this.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

You are right.Technology is a never ending thing. It will keep on growing everyday.

I'm not too convinced with technology replacing humans entirely for schooling though. For example, during the lockdowns at the height of the pandemic, it seemed that many kids (my own included) didn't absorb what was taught as well as when lessons were in person. Kids being kids seem to respond better to a physical presence in my opinion.

Yes.for kids it is not easily to understand about technology.For kids i also think that technology is not much should always be taught by teachers and parents.Kids should not be made to use more technology.

Technology has both advantages and disadvantages depending on how you intend to make use of it. But during COVID-19, technology really helped students alot

Yeah during pandemic, technology helps students a lot.If technology had not developed so much, then the education of children would have been greatly affected during pandemic.

Yes it would have been affected. But with the invention of technology lot of changes has occur in our lives and education too

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Kind of futurist approach at the end! I loved that projection though always we need to take in count a large amount of factors that can jeopardize these tech-guided efforts oriented to the school. Best regards.

You have really provided great points here, but not forgetting the negative impacts of the internet too. We should be vigilant in those aspect as well. Thanks for the entry and all the best.

Once we get a reliable AI that works like chatGPT but without so many errors in providing facts. We won't need teachers after elementary school. You will only need to learn how to speak to the AI and he will teach you anything you need.

I believe there are still 5-10 years until that, but it will become reality, sooner or later.

Advantages comes with disadvantages. It's true that technology can be a reason of destruction from study but at the same time we can use it as a resources if we use properly.

Your contributions are good, technology is part of many areas of human knowledge.🌷

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Sure 😃
With the help of technology, future education will become more Interesting.
Students can clear their all doubts more easily with AI.