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RE: What happened to the Yellow Bird?

in Proof of Brainlast year

I enjoyed so much playing this game this time, it was so much fun. Thank you for this amazing contest. It was not only engaging but very interesting also. Looking forward to the next one!


Ha @sugandhaseth,

I learned a lot from you.
I still wonder if you knew what you were doing or if it was by chance.

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Ya I knew, and I also knew when I posted comment no. 32 saying it was 31. I learnt immediately after I commented, there was an edited comment which caused a miscalculation for me. And then I was waiting for no. 41 which I achieved, thanks to you 😀

I didn't want to take the #41 place. That would be no fun. Someone happened to be awake enough to realize what was going on^^

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