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RE: PoB - first post and How to use your Voting Power

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Another one with penalties? Man... I know people have their reasons and it's their product to do as they want. But the simple act of consuming and wanting to support good stuff; it's turning into a nightmare. Imagine tipping the servers, only to realize you handed them nothing, and it was all a dream.


What penalties you are refering to? I am sitting in confused that, which is bad for me neyt Rabona match lol - enlighten me please

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I dunno. All this confusion. I just want to push a button... LOL! Or if posting, using PeakD, only to realize months later I wasn't being paid in full because I didn't use an editor in a different location. All these tribes, all these tokens, and I just want to scroll one feed that covers them all.. and push a button. But it's okay.

Right now I'm in PeakD. You're in POB. Should I got to POB to say this? Am I losing out being here on PeakD? I don't know what to do with my hands.

Not complaining. Just a very confused man struggling with himself.

Haha, got ya now. I remember many of the big folks create different acounts per tribe - i did not as I can not manage too many accounts. Was just saying this leo thing to set voting weight is helping you to keep a bit HP in case you are into curating more as the usual Hive posts too - I was running VERY low until I discovered that tool. But i get your points - i never delegated to any tribe yet, a try.

Right now I am everyhere but writing via Peakd while I should be in Rabona to prepare my next match and also should check my Splintelands tournaments while originally I have to curate my Music community - damn, a lot to manage isn't it :-)?

So much micromanaging. I didn't create alt accounts either. I just push a button. Whatever happens, happens. But it doesn't encourage me to purchase tokens for the purpose of supporting the community, because I like a lot of things, and can't be in ten places at once. I hope there's an all-in-one package solution someday. There are things here I don't even know about, and I've been around for nearly five years. Throwing in the towel. They win. I'll just push a button. And that's okay.

I hear you man! I also joined August 2016 where we only had Ned, Dan and Bernie to cover as micro communities haha.

Good point on where you can be in one time - think the young ones are smarter or have more time or simply are after options, or they program a bot to help. An all-in package would be coll for masses, however I doubt it will happen here but who knows. I am usually also a button pusher by default if i like something :-)

Well isn't that the point? To have people actually viewing, consuming, supporting when worthwhile to do so. The only way to pull that off is to have all the people in one big pen. Ask Jeff Bezos. Zuckerberg. That's what made them billionaires. Early on I thought this was supposed be the fact those billions exist, but instead of funneling into the pockets of a couple people, the value that clearly exists would be distributed among contributors of all walks of life. And not just content creators but everyone that plays a role somehow in making it all happen. It seems now we're going in the opposite direction, segregating ourselves into tiny pockets, that nobody knows about.

Oh well. Still early in this game.

Good points but this (as you highlight Jeff Bezos. Zuckerberg) would mean we attract the broad masses with Hive which I think is still not the case as long as it is too complicated for the typical internet users - just saying keys. Think we are in a niche still with Hive and the tribes even more niche - i however would love to attract the masses that view and consume and show support by their love click.

This support model, where people pay, stake, then slowly tip over time. I see it as probably one of the best deals in entertainment, of all time. All other methods involve the consumer throwing their money away, middlemen taking percentages. A strange thing happens to that token value when even a few hundred thousand slowly trickle in with intent on supporting arts/entertainment/information. It goes up.