Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain

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Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain


Loved your talk at the greater reset. Thank you for doing what you do.

Thanks, I really appreciate that!

See you at Rainbow this year?

I'll see if I can find one near here. I can't go far, or for long, since I am the only caregiver for a severely medically injured person. There are so many like me now. But do I ever appreciate the world you are helping to build, where authority isn't a thing.

Great point! The early stage of finding out germ theory is crap, can be as dogmatic as belief in it...

I am sitting on my moonbags. lol

send me some hehehe

what happened? Didn't you hate HIVE?

I don't hate anything - I just don't support things that are out of alignment with my principles.

I have stopped supporting the Hive blockchain for this reason, and am now only using it to post links to my content - just like I did with the corporate social medias before I stopped using them.

Remember unless the user has POB stake a flag cannot affect your POB earnings

That is true of all L2 tokens, just like it is true of Hive.

Stake = the ability to give & take rewards, as well as give & take visibility.

In the case of Hive, that (quite centralized) stake also means that just a few people decide what proposals are funded, and what witnesses are in the top 20 (thus ALL governance)

I much prefer Odysee/LBRY, where I earn much less, but nobody can steal what I do earn, or hide my content, and I'm not creating value for people who actively want us all controlled & oppressed until we go extinct.

Ill go and find you on flote, im mainly using vyb, and bastyon

For someone like me who is nuked in hive, and has to have rewards turned off in hive, pob is off is well, hence my shift to vyb

Kenny left it and no longer supports HIVE now, since his recent run in with the downvoting whales.

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