A dog's point of view

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The vision of our four-legged friends.

The eyes of the puppies can be very similar to those of us humans, after all they evolved together, they have all the parts that we can recognize from our eyes, but they also have some surprises like a third eyelid for greater protection of their little eyes, their name it's nictitating membrane which is something they share with some reptiles, birds and sharks.

And also the tapetum lucidum, which is a layer of reflective tissue that is located behind the retina that bounces the light that has already passed through it, giving it a second chance to stimulate its photoreceptor cells and thus be able to see in very low light conditions, it also gives them a cool demon possessed look.

But there are more differences that make the way in which puppies experience the world very different from ours, the difference is that puppies cannot see the same colors as us, their sight is dichromatic, that is, they can see two colors instead of the three that we can see.

Our eyes have photosensitive cells called cones that can perceive three colors red green and blue with the combination of these three types of cones we are able to see all the colors we know, unless you have color blindness which is the absence of the function of some of these photosensitive cells some color and that affects 7% of the male population and 0.4% of the female population, well, puppies see colors like humans with a particular type of color blindness.


Instead of having cones sensitive to red, green, and blue light, as we have cones to see only yellow and blue light, if you've ever mixed paint you'll know that you can't produce every hue by mixing just two colors.

The screens of our televisions, monitors and telephones have at least three colors and that is how they can display practically any color, but puppies do not have cells in their eyes that are sensitive to red or green light, so a rainbow to they would only have yellow and bluish tones.


Although we know that they can distinguish something red from something that is green, because they see red in a shade of grayish yellow that is 40% darker than green, this makes it difficult, for example, for them to easily find prey such as a squirrel with straw-colored fur, although the grass is bright green and it is easy for us to distinguish them this is an evolutionary advantage for animals that have to hide from predators such as canines, but this is not the only difficulty that dogs have to find squirrels.

The worst of all is that dogs in general have very poor eyesight, it will surprise you; dogs have an average visual acuity of 20/75 if you know what that means you are probably about to cry to learn that your dog sees you as a blur, 20/75 is far from the minimum visual acuity necessary to get a driver's license, which wouldn't be the only reason dogs shouldn't drive, but my point is that they see very, very poorly.


But do not feel sorry for your puppy yet, the reason for the lack of sharpness in the sight of dogs is due to the fact that they have a smaller number of cones, which are the cells that perceive colors and this causes the image they perceive have much lower resolution than we see, but they have fewer cones because they have so many more rods; the rods are a type of photosensitive cell that specializes in perceiving very dim light, they are not enough to perceive colors, but they serve to distinguish shapes and movement in very low light conditions, that remains from their common ancestor the Wolf.

By having their retinas full of rods and a tapetum lucidum that bounces light off their retinas, they have much better night vision than we do. so don't feel sorry for the puppies because they can't see very well during the day, at night they have an excellent view while you have to turn on the light.



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