RE: Tell me more oh experts about how the scientific evidence of generations has been wrong: "FDA: 'Vaccine hesitant' can't use antibody test to prove immunity"


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Quit telling people what to do.

I can do what I want say what I want here thank you very much.

And it is the easiest solution.

However the other solution requires massive amounts of ground troops and protracted ground war with massive amounts of casualties.

Or you can just execute the leadership and strike hard decapitating the leadership.

So which is it do you want to see millions die in a long protracted conventional or 1 million of your countrymen as well as the hundreds of thousands of coalition troops?

Nope. Nuke it from orbit. Clean nuke. Make sure the leadership of china is there or staged for execution.

Allow the Chinese people to be free and not having genocide and organ harvesting...

But hey let's just allow China to gear up and make the war longer....

It's not like they just leaked a super virus out of the lab again... Yep not the first time.

So.. pound sand. Don't tell me what to do say think or be. It's not going to go well.