Tell me more oh experts about how the scientific evidence of generations has been wrong: "FDA: 'Vaccine hesitant' can't use antibody test to prove immunity"

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I keep stumbling upon information on COVID that I think needs to be shared and discussed. I like to write about many subjects but I keep getting dragged back into this one. I know this should not be surprising considering how hugely this is impacting all of our lives.

I wrote an article last night about Ivermectin a few hours after I'd written an article about how they were dismissing natural immunity.

Then what do I find out this morning. I find out the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is doubling down on attacking natural immunity. This also kind of flies in the face of the idea of vaccines. If survivors do not have natural immunity now and you have read their papers on their vaccines then what their vaccines are doing wouldn't either. While they attack natural immunity what some people may miss is simply by doing this they also make many of the past claims that vaccines don't work (I think in some very specific illnesses they do) as being accurate. This would mean you're getting a good dose of fear from the media, who is largely supported by ad revenue from these companies that produce the vaccines. Then they get you to take their "vaccine" which until now worked by stimulating the same immune response as the illness in order to trigger anti-body production without needing to actually get the illness and try to survive. It's goal was to mimic the natural immunity of survivors without you having to try to survive the deadly illness.

Now suddenly with all the fear and the hype the FDA themselves are bashing Natural Immunity? That kind of destroys a lot of their arguments and things they've said to vilify and treat people that questioned like blasphemers.

WND - FDA: 'Vaccine hesitant' can't use antibody test to prove immunity


Many Americans who have chosen not to get one of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines because of the risks have hoped that testing positive for antibodies could substitute for being vaccinated, providing a virtual "vaccine passport."

But the Food and Drug Administration issued guidance this week stating a vaccine is still needed to confirm immunity from the COVID-19 virus.

Now for those of you not paying attention. Read that quote. Then read the following and think of what the two of those together imply.

CDC identifies only 10,000 COVID-19 infections in fully vaccinated, but likely an undercount

More than 10,000 fully vaccinated people in the U.S. have experienced a "breakthrough" COVID-19 infection, according to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study.

According to the CDC, a total of 10,262 vaccine breakthrough infections had been reported from 46 U.S. states and territories as of April 30, out of the approximately 101 million people who were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at the time.


The coronavirus vaccines are highly effective, but they will not completely prevent all infections, so some breakthroughs are expected.

So in case you missed it let me try to lay that out for you...

FDA: "a vaccine is still needed to confirm immunity"
CDC: "The vaccine is effective, but they will not prevent all infections."

Do you see the contradiction?

The natural immunity which until now was the absolute best form of immunity ANYONE could have is not good enough. To be a good little mind slave you need to get this vaccine which will not prevent all infection.

Do you notice how they are treating ALL the vaccine variants as the solution?

They don't care which one you take. As long as you take one of their cocktails. They are ALL being treated as unquestionable. (aka not scientific) While simultaneously they are ignoring and contradicting centuries of common sense, and scientific knowledge.

If this was scientific don't you think they would be finding out which one works the best and pushing that one?

Nope. They push them all. If you take ANY of them you get your "vaccine passport". It doesn't matter which one as long as you comply.

That doesn't sound scientific at all.

It does sound pretty nefarious though...

The following word should echo in your mind as you finish reading this and drift away...


EDIT: May 28th, 2021-
Another interesting article:

NEW EVIDENCE Proves Dr. Fauci and CDC Prevented Use of Proven Drug on COVID-19 and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS DIED — When Will Americans Wake Up?


This is absolutely a huge scam on the world's population and taking advantage of human beings fear of infectious diseases.

Personally for the Wuhan viral institute to be engaged in gain of function viral experiments we now need to Nuke the entire site from orbit just in case any of these pathogens get out.

On top of this the Wuhan infectious diseases institute is ran by the Chinese military so basically Anthony fauci is funding gain of function research researchers who are apart of the Chinese military....

Now if that isn't quite the story I don't know what is.

And funny thing is he can't prove that he oversaw the projects that he was funding with the Chinese people's liberation army institute....

Not only has the Chinese government been caught but now the entire world has a problem especially when we have rogue Nations grading super diseases and then releasing it on to the world.

Thank you very much for your post.

Germ theory is exactly that, theoretical, it is a scam same as government, Fiat funny money and hospitals. No cure no money to be made, shit system, thought up by alleged intellectuals!

Lol we met a guy named Germ Warfare last night on the stream

Ima get @captaincontent on here and we'll buy delegation to upvote him like 100 per post to get all his thousands of viewers across all ip2 streams to start posting

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Gain of function research is very real technology and extremely unethical according to the international bioengineering ethics committee.

Any real scientist and bio engineering lab would be horrified.

Let alone with the extreme danger that this poses to all of the world citizens.

Your assertions like these will make you lose credibility, IMO. But go and take that as your null hypothesis, design an experiment with many trials to demonstrate results inconsistent with germ theory and do the experiment.

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Look up 'Projekt Emmanuel' and you'll see how germ theory is about to come crashing down again. It's been propped up by the Freemasons ever since their poster boy Pasteur did their dirty work for them. plenty of experiments were done in the early 1900's disproving germ theory. It's in the bag.

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You mean this?

Thanks for this.

ur welcome.

Fauci tried to leave the country bro he's probably already at Gitmo undergoing military tribunal

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There are more than 60 US funded bioweapons labs around the world. Some of them are even in America.

Please don't promote nuking America - or anyone else.

Just end their funding.

That's not going to get rid of the current super viruses that are in these labs.

How else do you plan on sterilization and removal of these extremely lethal pathogens?

Conventional warheads are just going to spread things around...

You could always use thermabaric weapons but... Those come with their own risks.

Funny how Chinese government built that entire institute in a population center.....

So yeah honestly enough there is no reason that any sane country would have this kind of gain of function research.

And if any one of our government officials was involved in this I think that they should be shipped to Wuhan.

It's going to come to nuclear warfare either way because the Chinese government is not going to let go easily unless we throw down.

Between forced Organ harvesting for profit as well as genocide?

How else do you enable communist China to perpetrate evil upon the world.

Basically you are doing the same thing that world did when Hitler was murdering an entire race of people.

Stand up for China and you stand up or brutality in the world.

I am bemused that my request to not advocate nuking Americans, or anyone else, is interpreted by you as supporting Hitler.

There are rational ways to shut these labs down. It has been done. Recently one of the American labs was shut down, in June 2019 IIRC, for a period of 6 months or so, because they had too many dangerous pathogen containment failures.

I strongly advocate against bombing people anywhere because they live near one of the many US funded biowarfare labs.

You may find conditions presently difficult for you. I assure you that in the event of war, particularly with nuclear armed nations such as China, you would not find them improved for you. In fact, you might not find them survivable, as the various countries you're advocating nuking would be highly motivated to kill everyone in your region.

While I am very unhappy with the state of American government, I do not consider that a good reason to kill all Americans. Since you're in America I expect you would agree with me on that matter. Nuking anyone anywhere is unacceptable, bad, and, if you don't really mean it, hyperbolic rhetorically.

If you do, well, I am left questioning your rationality.

I find it really funny that you don't know that it was fort detrick that was closed and that the corona viruses were transferred from fort detrick to the University of North Carolina.

Trying to force your opinion on anybody is a great option. And instead of trying to use reason you just go to bully behavior?

Well, I apparently forget names and dates too easily. I also cannot find any reason you might accuse me of bullying you or failing to present reasonable arguments to support my positions.

You do tend to hyperbole. I shall leave it at that, as your personal style isn't my concern withal, save I do recommend not advocating for nuclear war or invoking Godwin's Law.

Let's stop fantasizing about executing the people responsible with nuclear bombs. Let's instead think of something more feasible and something that can turn this around. And if you want anonymity, you're using the wrong blockchain. :)

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Quit telling people what to do.

I can do what I want say what I want here thank you very much.

And it is the easiest solution.

However the other solution requires massive amounts of ground troops and protracted ground war with massive amounts of casualties.

Or you can just execute the leadership and strike hard decapitating the leadership.

So which is it do you want to see millions die in a long protracted conventional or 1 million of your countrymen as well as the hundreds of thousands of coalition troops?

Nope. Nuke it from orbit. Clean nuke. Make sure the leadership of china is there or staged for execution.

Allow the Chinese people to be free and not having genocide and organ harvesting...

But hey let's just allow China to gear up and make the war longer....

It's not like they just leaked a super virus out of the lab again... Yep not the first time.

So.. pound sand. Don't tell me what to do say think or be. It's not going to go well.

Fair enough. Have a nice day. Oops, I did it again.

The problem is, those that fund this kind of stuff are in D.C. and they are the same people who control the capacity to "nuke from orbit." When other countries all use this as a get rich scheme for big pharma, it seems like all governments are involved. Except notably African countries, South Korea and Sweden.

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I do approve of the bilderberg theory!!! Yep because the laws did not allow gain of function research in the United States and when we uncovered it and shut the programs down everything got transferred to where it was legal to continue.

Burn them out. Pitchforks! Torches!

First, nothing about Covid has to do with a disease. It is all about gaining control. This brings me to my second point. The vaccine has nothing to do with preventing any disease. It is how they are establishing control.

How do masks and vaccines enable them to control us? By being the key to the blessings of civilization. You could not enter a store without a mask. Soon you will not be able to enter a store, or even walk the street, without your vaccine papers.

Glad to see a post from you. Sometime during my recent hiatus yours seems to have ended. Refollowed.


Yep I am back. I guess with a vengeance. I've been here for maybe close to a month???

Good. Little can more benefit Hive than folks like yourself posting and commenting. Not to mention the benefit to me personally of your cogent posts and salient criticism.

I keenly felt your absence. Glad you are here now.

Gosh. Thanks. :)

Genocidal Vaccines won Bigly

It's gonna be bad and the vaccine victims will be arguing about their vaccine lawsuit settlement payments when the banks start stealing them

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The settlements WE pay for through VAERS since the Pharma companies have freedom from liability on vaccines.

And immunity only lasts for six months, so we have to be vaccinated twice a year for life?

Don't you feel like coughing into your hand while saying...


Yes, but I believe that lies are no longer hidden, even if they are told, more people are opening their eyes.

Screenshot 2021-05-27 12.36.15 PM.png


It is like a big pharma take over via Davos lunatics is it not?

I definitely suspect those are some of the actors driving this. Many others are likely just opportunists taking advantage of the crisis.

The driving force is Davos. I have documented it from 2017 to now, yes you may be correct with the opportunists.
The lot of them earn off our backs, they sicken me.

My conclusion is that there is NO one group, one race, one government that explains all the ills in the world. Though I've encountered lots of people that have their favorite to point at.

I refuse to do that. I will point at ANY of them that I know do it. I don't want to be flanked by those I ignore while I am busy pointing at someone else.

With that said. There are definitely some groups that represent A LOT of the source of the problems. Davos is one. Bilderberg is another one. There are others. Also a lot of these if you make a Venn diagram will have overlap.

What I noticed lately is that WE as humans do try to simplify things into things that are more manageable for our minds to handle. It certainly is easier if we can blame one group.

Yet easy is often not the route to take. I know I still have blind spots. I don't personally want to over focus on one group and trap myself.

I am NOT saying that is what you are doing. We certainly need these people exposed. Yet we need ANYONE we can catch or get information on exposed.

There is also the risk of focusing on a group, and like cockroaches they just scurry to a different group. Perhaps they do so through proxy and because it is different names you don't notice.

We must remain very vigilant. While we are watching them we also need to watch ourselves and make certain we don't get too narrowly focused. They will flank us then.

There is most definitely a lot of opportunism going on as well. Human nature.

EDIT: I know people that blame the Masons. I know people that blame the Jews. I know people that blame the Marxists. I know people that blame the Maoists. I know people that blame the Capitalists.

There are bad actors in all of those. Yet we can also be trapped by generalizations.

When it comes to groups that go outside of governance to impose governance such as Bilderberg, and Davos I am very much against that.

I'm also not a big fan of the United Nations. I've never elected anyone to it. You haven't either.

I am an old ex Jew, my family left it behind after Israel was born, before my birth. My family blame them, the Jews/
I see only people, no matter the coulour, and opportunists.

Makes me laugh though, money backed by nothing is worth the paper it is printed on, NOTHING.
What a world we all accept is truly astounding,

If people fall for money backed by nothing, they fall for anything. Prove me wrong. Look around you, they truly do.

Was it Hitler or gor-balls " the bigger the lie the more that swallow it" 2020 2021

IIRC it was Hitler talking about Jews.

Yep. I've had several friends that were Jews. They were not puppet masters and they were not a fan of the Zionists. Now that is another group I am not a fan of. Zionists.

I don't particularly have a problem with Masons like some people. I know there are corrupt people in the Masons but I've known tons of Masons that were not.

I try not to generalize anyone. Just judge individuals by their actions.

I see you are finally seeing through the veil of lies. The reason they don't want people taking antibody tests is it might expose another massive lie, that antibodies have NOTHING to do with fighting germs or 'viruses'. They are in fact just protein based enzymes which appear whenever there is any kind of injury in the body. Antibodies are also non-specific meaning no they do not memorize germs and viruses that is total non-science.
You are totally right in saying that if this gets out their vaccines are worthless and there is actually no 'immunity' and no 'immune system'. It's all a pack of lies.

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I have seen through this veil for many years now (EDIT: I said always initially which is an absolute and not true). There are just very few things in life that I consider absolute. I don't consider everything that modern medicine has done a failure. I also don't consider everything old remedies did a success.

I try to keep from deciding something is absolutely WRONG, or somethings is absolutely CORRECT.

Though I listen. I observe. I use reason.

With vaccines anyone with a truly rational mind that does some research will see the many problems with them.

I don't go as far as saying there are no bacteria, and there are no viruses. Though I do know they lie about them a lot. They obfuscate enough that it can be difficult to see the reality.

I do know anti-biotics work for things that were killing people regularly prior to them.

Yet like all substances you shouldn't casually take them and taking them has consequences.

Likewise I've solved problems specialists couldn't solve simply by using common herbs, proteins, and minerals before.

I've had benefits from both approaches. I've also seen problems from both approaches.

This article I wrote a little while back explains what I am trying to avoid:
The Tunneler Hypothesis

I've never said there are no bacteria! It's the function of bacteria that we germ theory denialists question, not their existance. Of course they exist, we can see them. It's viruses that do not exist. Antibiotics only work because you see the symptoms of detox as a disease. Antibiotics are poisons which put the body into shock, stopping the symptoms and the detox which gives the appearance of feeling better. They do not cure anything tho. The only thing that 'cures' or heals the body is the body itself.

Yeah. I disagree with you there. I've actually had my life saved by antibiotics.

There are also a number of illnesses that were considered a death sentence before them.

That said they can and are abused. They are not the answer to everything. They are an answer to some things.

Like I said I don't deal in absolutes. Trying to convince me to do so will most likely fail.

yes I know what you mean about antibiotics seeming to save lives but how do you know ur body wasn't saving you already? Impossible to prove I know. Here's an article I translated a while back on that subject.

In the case of antibiotics saving me. In one case I would have been dead in 24 hours. There have been other cases I noticed an almost immediate response within hours.

There were cases in the past when I was younger and didn't pay attention that I was likely given one when I would have recovered just fine without it.

I do think that MOST cases that I took an antibiotic in my life I likely would have eventually recovered. All it did in those cases is speed up the process. It killed what my body was reacting to, while also killing some good things in my body.

I do not advocate for taking anti-biotics on a whim. I think you should not be haste to jump to anti-biotics.

I do know another case where it may be what saved me but I was too young to remember. I was 4 or 5 when I got blood poisoning and had the red line running up my leg from an injury that had some gravel in it and scabbed over that. Knee if I remember correctly. I know I went to the emergency room, and they gave me a shot. Like I said I was young. I have no clue what was in that shot. I am 50 now.

I am an advocate for probiotics. I used to have stomach issues fairly frequently which I consider actually likely initiated by antibiotic use earlier in my life. Once I started taking probiotics the years of that went away. I was able to stop taking probiotics after a time as well. Now the only time I will take a probiotic will be after I've completed antibiotics IF I take them.

I am also aware that probiotics likely do not replenish all the biotics killed by the antibiotic.

So you are in the good and bad bacteria camp then. How can one believe that some bacteria are good and some are bad when they have already found the supposed bad bacteria in healthy individuals (like strep and TB for instance). We are often told we will die unless we take their 'medicine' that is how they sell it so well. Look at chemo!! They did an experiment on some poor monkeys to see how they faired with NO bacteria. They were bred in a sterile environment and delivered by caesarian section to keep them sterile and guess what. They all died within 10 days. Bacteria are not only in our digestive system, every organ of our body has it's own microbiome too.

It's easy. I am not an absolutist. I don't pick examples and say "this proves X" and ignore cases where it does not. It is easy to pick a side and decide that is the way to go. It is also easy to become entrapped by dogma on any subject.

I question everything. When I find things that are false I do not assume that makes everything false. Likewise when I find things that are true I do not assume the rest is true as well.

Admittedly my path is not easy. I see people (and I have done it as well) who try to simplify problems. Yet in the process a lot of things end up being conveniently ignored to support the narrative.

Climate Change
Good vs bad Bacteria

Here is an easy concept to explain this good/bad.

Parasitic vs Symbiotic

Some bacteria have a symbiotic relationship with their host. Other bacteria seem to have a parasitic relationship. I am not calling them PARASITES in the traditional since but more as something that consumes without concern for the host.

You can see this in human activity as well.

We do some actions without concern for the impact on the environment, and then sometimes we are hyper focused on the consequences.

By the way. It is the 1st of the month and I guess powering up someone else's account that may be lower in power is something people do. I went ahead and powered up your account with 10.05 HIVE so I can see what it does. While I don't agree with you 100%. I do agree with you on a lot and I think you are valuable here whether I agree or don't agree. This is why I picked you.

Oh wow mate, thankyou for having faith in me. I really appreciate that. I will keep on doing my thing. xxxx

I think more of the world will wake up soon. Their narrative just doesn't make sense no matter how many times they repeat it. I would think that anyone with any sense would be able to see through their story. Maybe I give more credit than is due. I try to keep myself from getting brought low from all of this, but they are really pushing hard.

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