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RE: When People Find Hive Blog Posts Useful & Frustrations in Coding

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Just keep in mind that when it comes to SEO, the domain you publish from is who receives the benefit.

For example, as you've posted from, then there is a snippet of code (called a canonical) that tells Google it is the original and therefore should be ranked over the and versions.

Having said that, I see that the ranked Using Hive Blockchain Custom Json Operation blog of yours, is actually the version:

Google Search.

There were some issues with canonical links on older posts.

So while Google has prioritised the version here, this isn't the norm.

As a LEO investor, I'd highly encourage you to continue posting from the LeoFinance front-end.

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Good to know. Thanks for pointing that out. I do mainly post on LeoFinance website. I decided to try other tribe front-ends as well. That's the beauty of Hive. So many options.