When People Find Hive Blog Posts Useful & Frustrations in Coding

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It's official! Hive is a first class citizen of the internet.

We often go to the internet to find information we need: be it for educational, entertainment, business, or other purposes. In other words we try to find solutions for various problems. This is one of the greatest achievements of the internet and various platforms on the internet. It is a place where people can share their experiences and solutions they came up with for various problems.

While solutions on the internet are not limited to the topics of technology and programming, programmers of all levels do use this methodology in problem solving a lot. Having an error with a script? Google it or go straight to stackoverflow.

A couple of weeks ago, a stranger contacted me on discord saying:

- Hi, I found your post about EMA calculation. Something is not working right. Can you help?

The stranger was referring to a post I wrote last year - Simple Moving Average (SMA) vs Exponential Moving Average (EMA) in Pine Script & Python

In there past I did have experiences where people told me that they found one of my older posts useful. But mainly they were Hive users and friends. Just recently @pinkfloyd878 left me the following comment:

Not exactly the info I was looking for at this moment, but this is very good information.

Just a heads up.... your post is #1 result for "custom+json+hive+blockchain" on Google... It was for me.

#1 search result for Hive Blockchain's awesome Custom Json feature in google search? That is amazing. However, ordinary people and especially those don't even know about Hive would be searching these topics.

I only know one person on Hive who uses PineScript, and I talk to that person regularly. So, this stranger cannot be a Hive user, I thought. And I had to ask:

Me: Do you use Hive or Leofinance?

The Stranger: uhm, none of those

The stranger probably didn't even know what I was talking about, although they were able to look up my discord server in the Hive profile to contact me there.

People find information online all the time. What's the big deal?" - you may ask. Big deal to me is that someone was looking for a solution to a problem and they found it on Hive. I don't even consider myself a blogger. I just write about random things from time to time that I have no clue about half of the time. But there are may talented authors on Hive who share valuable knowledge, experiences and entertainment content. Random strangers of the internet finding content produced on Hive is a win and sign of success for the network.

The problem stranger was trying to find a solution for was calculating EMA in python and converting a PineScript code into a python code. I have used this function in many of my scripts. I have done proper testing in the past and everything seemed to work fine. Now I was curious, not only because I wanted to help the stranger, but also to make sure my old scripts were working as intended.

Last couple of months I spent traveling and was away from a computer for the most part and have used any of my codes. When I tried to run one of them, right away I started getting error and script would stop executing. I tried another code, same thing. And then another. Same thing. Errors everywhere. Finally I figured out what these error meant and was able to fix it. It turned out yfinance module wasn't working properly and had to be updated. If you use yfinance make sure to update it.

I was ready to test the EMA function. Opened up Tradingview bitcoin chart and compared with the results in python. Everything looked great. Then I tried stranger's pinescript code and compared with python results again. There was a big discrepancy in what EMA results were shown in pinescript vs python code results.

I kept reading the codes line by line over and over again. There are no logical errors. Everything should work. I spent hours and hours, and couldn't figure out. It was getting so frustrating. I started a new script file and wrote new python code to see maybe that would avoid any previous logical errors. Still results are not matching the ones in pinescript. Rewrote pinescript code. Still didn't help.

I was done. I gave up. Shut down the computer and walked away.

Shortly after, out of nowhere the solution came to my mind. I had to test it right away. I turned on the computer, made changed to the code. It worked. Well, sort of.

The problem was in all of my codes I was using data from yahoo finance and would take historical price data for at least a year. The strangers API was only getting data for last couple months in python but many more candles were being used in pinescript to calculate the EMA. Getting more data points brought the EMA values to almost identical, but not exactly. I suggested the stranger to rewrite their code to get more data points and see if that would work. The following day stranger responded:

thanks again, it worked!
had to do pagination to get more data, but it worked out


It was great learning experience. Now I know that my scripts may work now, but there is flaw in them. I will need to research more accurate ways of calculating EMA in python. If you have any suggestions feels free to share in the comments.

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This is really an excellent indicator of the viability of Hive in the global network.
A long time ago, I wrote a simple post on sql queries in my blog, it was more useful to me as a simple instruction so as not to forget what I should do on one of my production servers.

When new engineers started coming to my department, I often threw them a link to this post in Steemit, and they found it useful. Some of them eventually became interested in this place.

That is a great point. Often I write about programming related topics as a source to refer to in the future for myself. SQL is awesome.

Random strangers of the internet finding content produced on Hive is a win and sign of success for the network.

I am sure, he will look into HIVE after this experience. It definitely brings joy, when someone unknown comes to you looking at your code or work. I wish, we had some brilliant documentation to build on hive , something any newcomer could start running in few hours.

@inertia does a good job with Hive documentation. Before it used to be difficult to figure things out. Now that inertia got them organized, it is much easier to find the right answer. It's been a while since I looked at the documentation though.

I would like to make a comment regarding the case since the new publications are the ones that always appear on the platform, and it has occurred to me that there are some publications that although we cannot find them by the labels it is more difficult to search for them and it would be good classify them as a kind of virtual library if possible, where we go to search in several publications on the same topic and choose the most relevant ...

Great suggestion. I had a LibrarianSearch app that would help with finding posts based various sorting criteria. I still have it, but currently it is not live. There wasn't much traffic to it, and I had stop paying heroku. I will need to restart it at some point.

I also have and app - https://hivelibrarian.herokuapp.com that can help with finding old conversations with other users. When I get a chance I will work on reactivating the post search one.

Thank You.

Just keep in mind that when it comes to SEO, the domain you publish from is who receives the benefit.

For example, as you've posted from proofofbrain.io, then there is a snippet of code (called a canonical) that tells Google it is the original and therefore should be ranked over the leofinance.io and peakd.com versions.

Having said that, I see that the ranked Using Hive Blockchain Custom Json Operation blog of yours, is actually the Hive.blog version:

Google Search.

There were some issues with canonical links on older posts.

So while Google has prioritised the hive.blog version here, this isn't the norm.

As a LEO investor, I'd highly encourage you to continue posting from the LeoFinance front-end.

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Good to know. Thanks for pointing that out. I do mainly post on LeoFinance website. I decided to try other tribe front-ends as well. That's the beauty of Hive. So many options.

I guess those feedbacks you got from even non-hive users while probably scouring for information on the internet shows that you don't even have to be be a talent blogger, provided you're particularly covering a niche that some people would find very useful on the internet, it could connect them to be exposed to the information hive has to offer.
I believe collectively, people who write some of the most sought after niches on the internet are writers like you. Problem solving techy contents that really comes in handy. I guess with time, we'll definitely get there. Hive is already a plethora of information, commerce, entertainment, crypto and finance, we just need to push it out more

Thank You @josediccus! I need to go back to writing more about programming and learn more along the way. You are right there Hive is a network of information.

I feel that HIVE-related coding posts are simply not enough in this ecosystem. I've planned to start a few projects time over again but found the API documentation pretty abstract to use. Having some posts detailing some specific use cases would be the best approach imo, how-to always gives more insight!


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Hive documentation is a lot better now. But you do have a good idea. I haven't looked at hive-devs community yet, but perhaps compiling such posts so they are easily accessible of creating new tutorials can be useful.

Ha Ha Ha...
I saw the comic graphic on Twitter and it brought me here. I am sure I am not a lone. The story is great, but the graphic is the hook. I am very happy to see you helping get traffic to Hive with this niche. We all have talents and we should blog them and the others will follow.
I am very impressed you got yo Google Number one position! Props and a Tip of my hat to you for that!

Take Care,

Awesome. I need to use such hooks more often then. :) But I am not good it at all.

This story is just great!! Thank you. I've enjoyed it very much.

Would you mind to share your story as a trader? I am personally looking forward scripting my strategy, but I completely lack of programming knowledge nor experience. Maybe we two could achieve good things together. What do you think?

Best regards,

- EvM

Hi @elyelma! I do swing trades from time to time. But as of late just became a hodler. I write about trading from time to time. I followed you to see your strategies in the future. It is always great to share knowledge and experiences in trading. Thank you.

This is really great! And glad to hear that exciting news from you...

Keep writing and always do what you know best @geekgirl

Stay cool

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Thank You!

You're welcome @geekgirl.

Stay blessed @geekgirl

Not sure why I read this post but I did and I am as clueless as when I started to when I finished.

But glad that you learnt something new.

Keep reading :) Thanks.

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Nice one.

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Thank You.

Funny, I had a similar experience with a post that I made about extracting Polkadot keys from Trust Wallet (Trust is a poop and doesn't use a standard derivation...). I had been asking around in various Telegrams and forums (and collecting scammer DMs...).

In the end, I have up and worked it out and left a post for anyone following me...

A month or so later, someone replied to one of my forum posts saying they had found a nice guide that worked for them. And they linked to my post!

But nice!

Well said, Baby. HIVE is the next big thing on the internet, I bet you see that vision through.👌🏻

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