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RE: Could Reddit Be Ready To Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency?

in GEMS2 years ago

I highly doubt Reddit will be looking at a fully decentralized system and could simply use it as an in-app currency with blockchain used to make it easier to manage.

I'm not sure how adding blockchain makes a centralized database easier to manage. In fact it just adds un-needed complexity.

It's a gimmick to keep Reddit innovating. Blockchain is the buzzword of last decade, and maybe for this decade, but we haven't seen it yet.


It won’t be Reddit’s content but managing either the karma or native tipping they might want to do! It’s probably just an overlay feature to compliment their current system

It is a total buzzword and I don’t see why a centralized site would want users to tip or transfer capital Unless they are taking a feee

It does however makes sense if want to do more monetization features like closed communities and subscription and all that and take a fee instead of trying to build their own tokenomics which has been so far quite the stuff up for many projects