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Cybercrime is a criminal act which involves making use of Computers , it could be desktop computer or Laptop computer or with the use of Mobile phones with Internet by individuals or group of people networking in the same area or different locations around the world. These sets of people are into cyber terrorism, Identify theft, Credit card stealing, Wiring of funds, Buying goods with people's credit card details and so on

It is important to note that alot of people who engage in Cybercrime have their own area they specialize in. Some ares hacker, spammers, phishing, buy goods with people's Credit or Debit cards, Online Dating, House sublet, oil and gas, properties and so on.

These guys who engages in this act are mostly youths from 18 years to 35 years. They make this illegal money and flaunt wealth around which is very bad. These guys are present in almost every part of the world, Africa, Asia , America and North America.They engage in criminal activities that make others cry.


It is important to know that these guys are very smart and sharp and most times they beat the police to their games.
Most times they have their fellow colleagues who live outside the country who assist them in picking up their stolen money.

They buy stolen credit cards information from online stores and use it in buying goods online and shipping it to someone who stays in the foreign country to collect and later ship to them.

Some sets of people engage in Online dating. Male posing as female, female posing as male inorder to obtain money from their victims. They give series of reasons such as being in a war, being in the hospital and so on thereby leading to their victims to send them money.

There are some sets who posw as the owners of oil well and rig to the foreigners and leading to the sales of this oil Wells and rigs and collecting the money from them.


I believe there are so many causes of Cybercrime in the World and this may vary from Country to Country.


Unemployment is one of the major causes of Cybercrime. Youths who are supposed to start working after graduation from the University engage in this criminal act. Some of them are very experienced in this act, they teach the newcomers how to pick their victims and collect money. Some of them come from a very poor family and need to start feeding their parents.


Peer pressure is another cause of Cyber crime, There are some sets of people who have bowed to this criminal act because their fellow friends engage in it and making money. They show off money and cars to their friends thereby making their fellow friends to join them in the act.


Let me add this , some parents put pressure on their children to bring money home anyhow they can. These sets of parents have forced their wards into criminal act such as Cybercrime.
These children meet with their friends who are into this and teach them how to go about it.


I will explain to us some few points to note in recognizing scams.

The Cyber criminals have their script well written and inorder not to be a victim. One must be very careful and vigilant when talking to strangers online. On all social medias, They are many and uncountable. These guys wakes up in the midnight and start chatting up their victims. People should watch critically any story that is too hard to be true. People should never send money to anyone online and most especially strangers who they have never met before.

Also, before getting too close to any one online, it is very important to make use of Video calls instead of chatting and phone calls. Majority of the Cyber criminals will never allow their victims to call them on video calls live.

These guys put forward a business proposal in which the victim also benefit big from, inother words some victims work as accomplice for the crime because they want a big commission on the assistance rendered.



Its important to note that an idle man is the workshop of the devil. Employment should be created for youths who are graduates inoder to keep them busy and make them live their life. Creating jobs will reduce the Cybercrime rate to the minimal.


I believe another way of tackling Cybercrime is by parents counselling their children. All these set of people come from one family or the other, their parents should train and counsel them against all these criminat act. This counselling will go a long way in reducing the Cybercrime.


Another important way of tackling this problem is by enforcing the Cybercrime laws so that any one found guilty will face the law. There are cases where the rich Cyber criminals move up and down with a Police escort in Nigeria. So they move freely from one point to another without been checked. Laws Should not respect any criminal and any of them caught should be arrested and prosecuted.

This write-up and picture belongs to me.

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