What is Social Network 3.0 & How can HIVE Lead the Transformation

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In this article, I bring forward a definition for Web 3.0 and more, in particular, a definition for SocialNetwork 3.0. While the definitions for the 1.0 and 2.0 versions are more or less accepted by many, no commonly accepted definitions for the 3.0 versions seem to exist.

By no means I declare the definitions for the 3.0 versions to prevail over others. Nor I intend to drive these definitions to become the defacto standard.

I do intend to provoke discussions around the topic of reward-based social networks in general and discussions around the future of the HIVE based blogging services more particularly. The later is not limited to the HIVE native blogging services (Hive.blog, PeakD, Ecency and others) but also applies to all HIVE based tribes (LeoFinance, StemSocial, StemGeeks, SportsTalkSocial, ReggaeJahm, and many others).

Web 3.0

While the English version of Wikipedia (source) is quite clear regarding the definition of Web 3.0 (semantic web), the Dutch version of Wikipedia (source) shows some of the different interpretations for Web 3.0: From a well-integrated web of applications and the ability to build the web with a different set of tools to the semantic web in which all text and media are connected and the concept of Web 3.0 bringing back the experts and authorities to the web (source: Andrew Keen).

It's this latter concept, I like the most. Maybe less tangible in terms of technology, but hugely important in case we like to successfully implement decentralised communities and societies and more specifically to the successful implementations of social networks.

Social Network 3.0

When we define Social Network 1.0 being profile-based (implemented by Facebook, Instagram and the likes) and Social Network 2.0 being content-based (implemented by YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and the likes), the definition of Social Network 3.0 can be defined as MIT already articulated back in 2005: "The third generation of social-networking is about content as much as contacts." (source).

While many of the existing social networks are dominant in either 1.0 or 2.0 versions, most to all provide tools to the user to experience these social networks as if they belong to the category of social networks adopting the other version. Following the definition for the 3.0 version by MIT, one can easily conclude, most to all social network are already social networks 3.0 in one or the other way.

That's maybe true, but I believe we shall give a more detailed definition to social network 3.0. A definition that is more in-line with the semantic web. A definition that gives us tools to support the transformation of our social networking experiences towards one that'll support our wish for more freedom and the building of decentralised societies with the successes we need.

For us to be able to deal with freedom on a grand scale, we need to up our game in educating ourselves, to not believe whatever we get served, to become more critical, to provide proof to our own statements and opinions, as well as to open our minds to those who think differently. Social network 3.0 shall address this topic and enable its users to transform from the naive and somewhat ignorant individual, towards an individual who makes an effort to create an opinion and embraces all that is needed to find the real truths instead of turning other peoples beliefs, opinions and facts into their own beliefs without questioning.

The Challenges with Existing Social Media

As pointed out by Evgeny Morozov - in the video clip: a cut from a recording of a recent episode of Dutch in-depth research and the somewhat philosophical TV show "Tegenslag" (source) - many of the social networking companies we know drive content into our timelines that will benefit these companies the most. Revenues are largely based on advertisement. The larger the users value to the advertiser, the higher the value of the services and the company. Since the advertiser's value of a user is driven by the level of activity of the user, it's in the interest of these social networking companies to drive content into our timelines that is sticky, which seems to be easy to consume content as well as content that supports our beliefs.

The topic of the easy to consume content needs no further explanation. We all know how sticky that type of content is. How much we want to consume such content.

To the topic of the more serious content in our timelines: In 2020 we can see the effects of the algorithms implemented. 2020 is a year of great revelation, in that respect. It is the year in which we see social networks driving more extreme views into our societies. It is the year we count as many decision-makers as we have citizens.

Everybody seems to have an opinion regarding COVID19. Opinions largely formed based on the information we got served through our social networks (and mainstream and alternative media, but that is a topic for another article). Existing social media algorithms drive tribalism. In itself not an issue, as long as we are open for the opinions of other tribes. However, it is hard for an average user to stay openminded when over and over a specific 'truth' is 'preached' in our timelines. When we click the links supporting our government regulations, very quickly we see our timelines full of content supporting the truth of our governments. Similarly, when we click a few links bringing forward another truth, we quickly find ourselves bombarded with content supporting that truth.

What could HIVE blogging be?

Can and shall we try to change the existing social media in a way this will empower as many individuals as possible in our societies to become more aware, to become more critical towards information, to become truth seekers? I believe the answer is a no brainer; Something we definitely shall fight for. However, it is questionable if we will succeed as long as the revenue models of the social media companies are based on advertisement.

With HIVE we have a BIG advantage over traditional social media. We don't have to rely on advertisement. Content creators and readers/curators are rewards for their attention, unlike in all the traditional social media. The service development teams are (or can be) rewarded through our own Hive Proposal System. Voluntary or mandatory (in-build) beneficiary feature can be used to provide others in the chain a percentage of the content and curation rewards.

Maybe we shall never try and build business models based on advertisement since this drives dependency and dependency drives algorithms that may not benefit societies in a world of maximised freedom.

With HIVE we have the ability to drive a social media experience that'll entice the users to become more self-aware, to become thinkers, to become truth seekers, to become the sceptic we need to become to be able to get rid of central governments and institutions and implement decentralised societies. No advertisers to please. No central entities to empower. No laws other than those we create ourselves.

Why not show the world how social networking can free ourselves from all the BS in, and institutions, kings and queens of this world?

A screenshot from the Website of The Syllabus - a creation of Evgeny Morozov (source)

What if...

What if we get rid of all the top x post channels based on monetary rewards? What if we don't implement top x posts based on simple parameters such as a number of likes instead? What if we build algorithms like Evgeny Morozov done with his The Syllabus project/service (source and video), to push posts into our timelines that entice us to think (again) about any topic we may need to form an opinion on?

I believe this can be groundbreaking for HIVE blogging. I believe such an approach is something the world needs. Many may not be waiting for it, but what one doesn't know, one doesn't miss. Therefore we shall create the need.

If we can pull this off, the establishment of a social network experience that is not based on external and internal dependencies like advertisers and money as well as free from politics, but a social network experience that drives the increase of self-awareness, the increase of truth-finding (whatever the truth maybe), the increase of meaningful debates, we may become a social network to reckon with. A social network of the future. One that can set a president in how a free and all-inclusive digital presence of the future looks like.


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About the Video: I was contemplating for quite some time whether I would upload a cut of the Dutch TV show "Tegenslag" (source, since it is not my content and I didn't request for permission by the content owners.

However, for (obvious) consumerability reasons of the content, I felt I needed to create this 3+ minute clip and upload it. Not many users will watch the source, which is a 45+ minute long program, partially in the Dutch language. If it was YT, I could mark the start of the clip, but since its a bespoke service where this content is streamed from, without the ability to mark the start time in the video, I was more or less forced to create this clip.

Note: The program is public domain made available through a Dutch service owned by the Dutch public TV organisation. They offer this content for free to consume, to anybody (no paywall implemented, no login required). Added to that, this public TV organisation is paid for by taxpayers money, ie the public.

▶️ 3Speak


What a deep and interesting analysis... I think algorithms is a powerful idea for the HIVE community, as well as perhaps some encouragement to make content of lasting value. For example, if a user could start arranging posts into theme-based compilations, that would make it easier for others to find the kind of stuff that they are looking for.

Encouraging the user to make content lasting value, I totally agree with that. How that is I think still the question. Could be as per suggestion. Could be to all voting after a 7 day period. Could be to promote quality content to the top of content/topic lists which are shown instead of the hot and trending channels. Could be promoting top lists based on older content/posts. Could be by integrating channels for professional content. All the channels I talk about are channels that are prominent in the user's primary view, could be done in a dynamic way, eg hot topics are prioritised (I don't mean the tags, but based on the real content of the post, maybe determined by AI). Could be by including a content search engine into eg user interface. But could also be a combination of everything. I think we should start experimenting.

Yup, content searching right now is a bit rough on all HIVE frontends. Making it easier to find useful content will make HIVE an invaluable tool for researchers and those who seek a profound experience on the web. Hope your ideas get taken into account by those who can make them a reality.

Thanks :)

On content search: It's so simple, we have hivesearcher that is 1) free of charge and 2) has an API. Any UI team can implement this feature in a few links of code. It's beyond me only Ecency integrated this tool (both the same developers helps :)).

Hmmm, doesn't work that well... for example I use the permaculture tag in quite a few posts, but when I look for permaculture on hivesearcher or Ecency I only get some posts from 3+ years back in time, even in the "recent" tab. So I'm still a bit disappointed in that regard.

I never searched using tags. I usually search based on content keywords, as well as the author command. Not sure if I find everything, but it certainly finds my own posts I'm looking for.

EDIT: I have the feeling hivesearcher is too specific with words and spelling.

It seems to only find things from 3+ years, I looked up your user name and same thing happens.

Owww, just checked myself. Indeed, only 3yrs and older. This must be a glitch, temporary of nature. Not for too many days, I search a few articles, without a problem. It included very recent ones. At the Leo Finance UI, I see a message stating something about the status of content nodes; These don't seem to be 100% in sync at the moment. At Leo Finance I had to switch nodes to see the body content of my post above. Maybe the hivesearcher guys are pointing to a not sync node?

BTW, I would love to see The Syllabus to make use of the HIVE chain. The Syllabus requires a subscription that I didn't get myself, yet. I plan to reach out to the team. I'll start with the creator of this service. Hopefully, we can come up with an interesting use case for the team.

That would be awesome, wish you luck on the endeavor 🙌🏼

Thanks :)

I agree. I was reminded of the times when the Internet appeared in my country. Modems were working as loud as Atari cassettes while launching games. I think at that time the Internet was really free and you could find a lot of necessary knowledge at your fingertips. The web wasn't full of disinformation like today. Algorithms that forcefully send us materials after a search history based on interests often deprive us of the opportunity to discover new and perhaps interesting content and instead of that we have ads that are polysed.
More and more often in social media, which were an alternative to mainstream media and were characterized by the flow of free information, becomes subject to censorship and has a real impact on our reality. People are people, we are all different so it is normal that everyone has the right to their own opinion and their own views, but allowing one to talk about certain things that for big giants like FB are convenient and the voice is to direct the society as they like, taking away the opportunity to ask questions, verify and freely transmit information.

The good old days indeed, where the bullitin boards wasn't in the hands of commercial parties, but in the hands of fans. Where the internet was still breathing freedom of information. And then the mass start using it. And the internet was turned into a reveneue model to serve the mass. We see this happening in all industries, when enough money can be made to allow business without a real tie into the segment itself, such segment is more or less 'robbed' from its original identity and experiences an ever increasing commercialism in its products and services. The same happened with the Internet, the social media and other services used by the mass. Though this process seems to be the same, due to the nature of the internet and social media, the effects of commercialising the product 'information' has far more concequencies in people lifes.

Exactly 🙃

I like given ideas but am not optimistic about their success. Why? Because of the human nature ofc :) Where ever money is involved it will have some influence on choosing our actions. Quality of the content is relative; I think that good content is one with which I can learn new things or at least entertain myself but some people think Instagram-like content is better. Further, what you propose takes time and effort, to make content, to search through given, to engage in groups, to be interactive. More people, more content, more time, less those prepared to search through it; unlike fb where you have 1000+ but algorithm decides for you what you will see in news feed and makes it much easier. I can give me as an example, my posts not very visible and just few followers, I do not engage enough (my time has another priorities), even those upvotes that sometimes hit over 300 are mostly delegated votes.
Talking about awareness, learning, critical thinking...majority of people do not want that even if they say they do. Humans want it all, smooth and easy; if only that all can come without any effort. Actually, the most effort people put in trying to prove their point of view, justifications of their believes; if that much effort is put in open minded exploration and self-education, we would have much less Flatearthers :) and people who are doing this . Now you may argue that these are extremes, Hive has different social structure...but we should have in mind how many people produce and follow this kind of content on soc med, why scientific channels have much less views and subscribers that random persons and influencers...if not algorithm biased, search will always be human biased.
I can speak from experience, even when you have young people which are more prone to change, it is veeery hard to motivate them for education; meaningful learning requires proactivity and humans are, in digital era, even more into reception.
Freedom of speech is two-sided blade; we live in post truth era where people are not just entitled for their own opinion but so many proclaim it as the truth.

Money: sure, where money is, users may adapt their behaviours. We see this at HIVE a lot. But we also make it so easy for people to be with HIVE for the money. Everything is around rewards: trending/hot channels, default auto sort comments on rewards, default community channel sort on rewards (trending). I think we have the opportunity to move away from this by implementing other type of channels in our UIs where default sorting will not be on rewards, but on other parameters (maybe we need to come up with some of these parameters first).

awareness, learning, critical thinking

This is the opportunity for HIVE. blogging service. Such blogging service may not be for everybody, but thats ok. HIVE will not be able to handle 500 Million, or a Billion subscribers anyway. It can never and should never become the next Facebook or something like that in terms of reach. HIVE blogging doesn't have to be for everyone who likes to be part of a digital community. Due to the nature of the whole system (incl long form blogging, the culture with quite a few users (incl those with power) to support 'quality', the rewards) it may serve a social network for information sharing and discussions rather than trying to be a network for any type of content and any type of user. I certainly believe different types of social networks (blog, photo share like Insta, one-liners like Twitter) in crypto space, shall have its own token which shall not be shared between the services.

Added to that: I realise what most people do not beling to the category of seeking 'awareness, learning, critical thinking', but here is another opportunity for HIVE. Within our community we have a large group of anarchist, or people with anarchitic worldview. A worldview of total freedom. For this decentralisation of authority is required. And this requires critical thinkers (sceptics if you will) at least a substancial amount of them. We have the opportunity to onboard all of them to HIVE.

The Syllabus is an example how content can be tailormade.

In case we don't 'create' enough sceptics in our physical world, then I believe we don't want to live in our future anymore. Without a critical mass in society to drive real changes that are required to deal with technologies such as AI, VR, and biotech, the world will be run by corporates taking the position of government. You can say: many people who think differently, as we've also seen in 2020 around the topic of covid19. But nothing will change because a whole bunch of ignaorant people are claiming the government is in error, shadow governments will take over and all of that. When people talk BS, in the end nothing real will come out of their actions.

Hive might not be for everyone but it is for everyone, I.d say, based on wandering around groups and profiles. When I was listening about Hive from a friend that "dragged" me here, I imagined it very similar to your description, somewhat idealistic. After getting to know Hive community closer, unfortunately, I was disappointed that is actually very similar to other soc med. I might be wrong but seems that there are two fractions here, one that advocates massification (more ppl, more content, more attention, more money) and other more progressive and more idealistic (and majority is going with the flow).
Anyway, what ever scenario, Bell curve distribution should be on mind since it is a tool for good predictions of people.s behavior. Now to connect with critical mass, only around 2% (strictly speaking) or 20% are those who are beyond average on certain characteristic; that is why is so hard to gather critical mass for (almost) any kind of change. It is not about intelligence or education, just sets of personal characteristics combined in a way that makes very hard for people to 1) accept necessity of change 2) makes it one of their priorities. So, what we have in so many cases are soc med "revolutions" but when it comes to taking that to RL ooops. Further, even if they end up with concrete actions, usually not enough support, media spins or invisibility. In my country we had that so many times, that people stopped believing in anything. Which is actually the point of corrupted leaders, disorientation and fogging so you eventually redirect your energy to something else...When takeover happened on Steem, people who wanted "packed their suitcases" and came here; IRL leaving your country and start over somewhere else is so much harder...
Can.t quote it all, basically agree with what you said :)

Great comment. And you are right in all you've said. In a decentralised world, this becomes a major problem though. We need change, over and over again until it shows some forms of success.

HIVE is for quite some users still a startup, a project in the making. If that is the case: Then we need to lead it that way. Any startup in our world is lead by a visionary, by more or less dictatorship. The herd will follow, and those who don't, are left behind. But what we did with HIVE, is to break loose of that one dictator we had. Ok, it was a dictator without vision and propper goals, so better to have left them behind. But now we are facing a complete decentralised ecosystem. Fortunately, a team around Blocktrades is created to work on the core chain and most users in the community including the large stakeholders seem to accept this. Good!

I, however, do miss solid vision from him and the team as well. At the same time, I do not see we are experimenting. That's another characteristic of a startup company. When something doesn't work, change it immediately and try again. When that also doesn't work, rethink and try something else. All in short cycles. To me, this is all so obvious. To many in the HIVE ecosystem, this knowledge seems to be completely new, they don't seem to have the proper business skills, and its d*rn hard to convince them to get into discussions with those who have these skills and experiences. {rant rant rant.... hahahaha}

After watching your 3 Speak video, I think you make a valid point about switching from Dtube. I'll have to set everything up this week thanks for putting me on.

Ah cool! I guess it was not the content of the video (was not mine anyway), but the experience of the 3Speak platform, right? 😉

Brilliant perspective. I agree with @fenngen , a very good analysis. I confess that I had no idea that you were so involved in the Hive community (and project). Respect Sir!!
Two points I must make... neither deep or profound... one, surprisingly I understood all the Dutch subtitles... and two... how did you develop a taste for such piffle music? {grin}

I confess that I had no idea that you were so involved in the Hive community (and project). Respect Sir!!

It took me at least a few months before I got myself an account with our blue branded community back in end of 2016. For a reason, since I didn't believe in reward based social networks like we have here at HIVE; Not when its open to anybody to use and abuse, while no culture, services and tools are created to drive the value in a needed direction. But eventually I got myself an account to try and test what this was all about. Always interested in technology and how this can (and shall) be applied, this whole HIVE thingy pulled me in deeply.

Am a dreamer and idealist whilst also very pragmatic and opportunity driven. 4 years down the road, I still believe we have something of potential value here at HIVE. I say potential: We need to shift things, maybe shift a lot! I still have hopes our devs and witnesses agree, but sometimes I doubt it... Though, I cannot let loose just yet. A few people I will miss when I step away from HIVE 😉 Therefore the only solution for me is: To try all my best to drive the changes that we need to transform the HIVE chain into a chain that everybody in crypto universe will rank high on the scale of top chains.

surprisingly I understood all the Dutch subtitles

Super: 1) You watched the video clip and 2) You'll be able to follow the top 2000 radio jockey 🙂

how did you develop a taste for such piffle music?

You refer to the qsounds library? I guess the story itself ranks high on the piffle scale 🤪

I just did slot #92 .... now that is really piffle music . I still have a bad taste in my ears... trying to wash it out with some Andrew LLoyd Weber.

Hahahahaha, I never claimed the top 2000 is full of great music! Personally, I only heard 2 songs out of all 2000, when zapping the TV... both I hated hahahaha

I have not clear yet what the best way to go is, I hate the trending and hot channels and agree that content creators can maybe be the solution but it’s a hard nut to crack

I know, its not easy. But what Steem and HIVE told me last 4 years that an all-content-network doesn't work. I come across to many people (even those with good content) saying they took time off because their posts didn't got traction (meaning: no rewards). And project owners dont seem to learn and dont seem to want to learn and have respect for what we have here. Like the RisingStar game people. Recently, they added a feature in the game with a default message and let players post a DBuzz with a click.... Many of these spam messages now on chain, messages with all the same content stating something to the lines of "I played blahblah" and then a link to their profile or something. And when I approach them, they play dumb.

What is clear to me, a blogging service, an insta like service, a twitter like service shall not eat from the same reward pool. I also learned, many auto voters never (or rarely) review what they vote for, ie users having nice auto voting rewards, abusing HIVE. I come across too many users who think they can just recycle their content and its all good, because this is common in all the well known social media. But thats just their excuse of ripping the reward pool.

In the end, all these problems causes:

  1. serious bloggers adding cool value to the network, leaving
  2. a network of 'stupid' low to no value content remains
  3. the market is not regarding HIVE as a valuable token as a result

The later is the logical result of the former two points. And because of point 2, its almost impossible to bring exisiting communities, news services or whatever information service to HIVE.

I'm in favour of bringing eg De Correspondent to HIVE, and hate to see these guys had to drop the English version due to low uptake. But maybe when they can reward their commentors and members with their own token and give some perks to them (like a loyalty program), they may be interested to use the HIVE chain in one or the other way. Since the founders and C-level people at De Correspondent are people who want to drive change, and do not shy away from tech, they may be just the right party to get involved with blockchains. And why not HIVE? I still want to approach them, but I think I'll have to wait until at least the next HF. Other soultion would be to bring De Correspondent to KOINOS or another chain.

I believe we shall create a vision and create a culture that will fit this vision. At the moment we have nothing. No vision, no respectful culture, nothing. That sadness me a lot. Almost 5 years down the road and still struggling as if it was day one and two of the service. Decentralisation is nice, but it also leads to total chaos and I believe too many people including those with large stakes, or careless (not all, some are super, but many are not), leave the work to others, and take whatever they can take. Not much of a community in that respect 😕

Take this post as an example. It gets a bit of attention, and has some nice discussions, but nobody with some solid stake in HIVE, says anything, while some of them voted for this post. Maybe they take the information at heart and do something with it, but I don't count on that.

Anyways, I still see potential, a lot of potential and I stilll find energy to voice what I want to voice and try to get more people to care and even to try and convince larger stakeholders to acre as well as thinking of ways to get professional companies insterested in using HIVE. And as long as I have this energy, I'll continue 🎶🍷🙃

So much to answer to :

Auto vote I am a manual kinda girl, I always want to see and read ( or scan ) the blog I am voting for bot up and downvoting because some deserve a big one.

Almost 5 years down the road but only 9 months in het nieuwe jasje. There is much that is possible to change or upgrade but like you said the people who can don’t acknowledge or read the want who will don’t have enough stake.

For now I will stick to try to help where I can and blog daily for fun and more than I would on two other very loved socials. And I wish I could do more , maybe I need to spar een beetje meer met jou ahahhaha as long as I have the energy

Hahaha, yah, I tend to write long from content when it concerns a topic that is close to my heart... And I just pointed out a very few things hahahaha

Great you are manual type a curator, same here, absolutely 🤪

Anytime you like to run something by, or brainstorm, am available... Well not anytime available, but I
l'll make time to have such discussions and talks.

Well and the sad thing is that it’s so sad when you write a great researched and full hearted blog and where you press publish with pride, it get 1.17 as appreciation. And if that is ok with you than the fact nothing happens and the votes of the persons that can help are there but all stays the same that sucks so much. But I agree when it are things dear to the hart it needs to be spoken of Although many have been slaughtered for having a changing and opening eyes opinion

True, hence I try to get to the larger/large stakeholders. Usually through direct channels, not through HIVE. So far no luck, some respond, but when they figure I want serious change and serious commitment, then so far they all say: "Owww, I have other projects in the works". Am talking about witness for instance, those in the top 20. I don't see too many of these witnesses creating something super cool. Some do, most do not, at least not that I'm aware of. Hence my previous statement: Either HIVE with the next HF moves away from HIVE based reward system and implement everything on second layer, or diversion to other chains... That is what I'm looking at since what I like to spend my time on, is to get 'traditional' services with or without social elements to start using blockchains for the social element, point system, campaign system amongst others. This can be HIVE, but can also be another chain. Verizon in the USA decided to publish their press releases on chain: You know which one? Ethereum! NIce and all, but the HIVE chain is much better to support them, from technical perspective; But not from community perspective. Decrypt is launching a beta test with reward based comments (reminder to self: accept invite and test): Could've been HIVE, but its not. Very few people at HIVE seems to understand what it takes to onboard none-HIVE services {rant rant rant... I stop... hahahaha}


I'll see how serious time I'm gonna spend next half year on this topic. When serious enough, then I'll be going around crypto space to find a suitable chain :)

Brainstormen kan gewoon in Nederland hahahaha

Hahahaaha Yah ... Maar stel wel voor dat op bv Discord te doen of zo 🎶

In het Nederlands op discord hahahah

Yay! 🤗
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