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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I wanted to make a cool visual representation of the fluctuations in DEC prices. How's that for an Empire State Building? Lol.

The basic visualizations of the prices listed on Hive Engine are okay but I wanted to see it in a bit of a different manner so I decided to do it on my own for a bit of fun but more importantly learning.


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DEC Fluctuations

If you aren't sure, DEC, Dark Energy Crystals, are the in-game currency of the @splinterlands game that many of us. The currency goes through some pretty wild fluctuations on a daily and weekly basis. For example I just sold some DEC this morning at .00311 per DEC and when I went to look at it later on the price shot up to .0034 as the minimum. Boy do I wish I didn't sell mine cheaper! Ah well, such is life with markets, they always fluctuate!

So one of the things I have been trying to learn and figure out is how to really get my numbers to display better. With software like Tableau it has been a bit difficult to get the metrics I want, organized into useful ways. I will have to watch some videos online for ways to manipulate market data in Tableau.

Let's get into some of the Viz components of what I was looking at!

This one was cool to see! The fluctuations of the total quantity of DEC for sale and how much Hive would be accumulated if all of it was sold, not specific to one account. That means each time there is another large chunk of DEC sold, the total Hive distributed for the sales goes up significantly! It adds up the large quantities of DEC that are sold just on the Hive Engine market, never mind in-game or on other sites like Peakmonsters or MonsterMarket! Just the DEC sold over two small snippets of time on the Hive Engine market totaling up to over 9,000 DEC was pretty amazing to see. It goes to show how important these secondary markets and tokens are to the overall environment we enjoy here on Hive. I may be adding some attribute of importance to that but I think it's pretty accurate! Just adding off the top of my head, just in that graph below there is 2.7 million DEC that has changed hands!


I'm not sure I love this chart below but I was putting it in there for the analysis of the different layers of price movements for the DEC.


This graph below was pretty interesting! I liked seeing the side by side movements of all of them. The important piece is to see the key. I wonder if end of the month is a particular time to sell a hell of a lot of DEC for some? Maybe it was the end of the season? On 8/28/20, the red line, the most DEC was sold compared to the other period of time I had listed, 9/8. I wonder how long it took for the DEC to sell off but the buy orders weren't nearly as strong as the sell orders, which are represented by the blue line on 8/28. We had a lot stronger of a set of buy orders this morning than we did that other week.


Any Interest?

So I want to open up the floor to anyone who wants to see a particular coin or hive engine token be represented by a bit of analysis. I've got another Viz post lined up for another component I am looking at but I think I can turn these around a bit quicker now than what I was originally trying to do.

If you have a hive engine token you want to look at, let me know what it is and I will try my best to turn it into a visualization!

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We’re fellow $HIVE owners

Nice visualizations. Can we have SIM next up? I want to know what are the potential price points I may want to hold on to buy SIM against Hive.😇

Thanks for checking it out my friend! I will definitely work on getting one put together for SIM, I was curious about it myself so I'll have to work on getting something together for that. I'll pull some data right now to get it stored!

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Very cool graphs for DEC. I am looking forward to see SPT traded more actively. Things will get interesting when the fanart NFT shop comes with SPT currency.