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RE: The Lego Community...and my next build

in LEGO9 months ago

Hi @galenp.
My father explained this post to me.
I've short of time lately, I stopped checking the #lego.
Maybe because I don't get many comments by Lego people. :-)
If Covid sends me home, I will have more time to check the lego creations on Hive. :-)
I'll start posting or cross posting some of my Lego posts in the Lego community.
By the way I saw you in hivefest but I didn't approach, because my English is still very bad. :-)
Your brother @tarazkp on Hive reminded me again of the Lego Community. :-)
Cheers Lego Man.
And I'm frightened by this box of Lego. hehe


Hey mate, thanks for your message. If you're short of time you need to invest it in the appropriate places so just come to the Lego community when you can if you feel you will get some value from it. However...

Please don't cross post into the Lego community, it's one of the rules - No cross posting. Post directly in there, that's fine, but no cross posting please.

I'm happy to upvote Lego posts in the community and send some to @curangel for extra voting too, but if you you're not posting there that won't happen.

It's a shame you didn't approach me at HiveFest as say hello, I'm sure we could have worked around the language barrier. Oh well, maybe next time.

Thanks @galenp . :-)
Next year I hope I can speak better English. :-) I'm learning...

Cool, keep it up and good luck with the learning process.