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When I started the Lego Community I initially thought I'd be the only one posting there and was totally content with that; It was intended as a place to drop my own Lego builds, a record of their progress that could easily be found, and if others used it then no worries at all. Some did of course, and I've supported them with some voting but lately I've sort of neglected it myself; I just haven't been building much so had nothing to post.

Lego isn't very popular on the blockchain or maybe people are too busy posting in other communities hoping with all their might to snag a whale vote or something and that's their prerogative I guess but for me, well I see value in posting to a specific community, reaching like-minded people or people seeking out particular content; And then there's that storage-dump scenario I mentioned earlier. It just makes sense.

I've not had any builds on the go lately but today, whilst at the mall to meet a friend for breakfast, Faith and I took a stroll through a department store called Myer as I wanted to check out the Lego section. What did I find there? Well, I found 20% off the price of all Lego and this big old yellow bad boy:

Volvo A60H 6x6 articulated hauler!

I've had my eyes on this for a while but didn't want to pay full price. With 20% off and a $100 Myer gift card we had from our frequent flier points it brought the set to a respectable price and, after some contemplation I decided to purchase it.

This truck is pretty cool because it uses the Lego Technic Control+ App on smartphone to operate it forwards, backwards and the tilt up and down on the load tub. Cool right? It's also pretty large being 60cm (23 inches) in length and a total of 2194 individual parts. That'll keep me busy for a while!

This set is based on the real-life version of a Volvo mining and construction heavy-capacity vehicle, the A60H articulated hauler. You can see some of the numbers below...

It uses the Volvo D16F 16L diesel engine generating 639 horsepower, weighs in at 43,750 kilograms and can carry 55,000 kilograms for a gross weight of over 98,000 kilograms; That's heavy! It's 33.6 metres long and is designed to operate in extreme off-road conditions. It's a serious bit of equipment.

These beasts are about $1.18 million (US) dollars to buy in ready-to-go trim with another $60,000 of accessories available for different conditions depending on where the unit will be operated. That's a lot of money, and shipping is extra.

The Lego version didn't cost quite that much, nor does it weigh as much. It's powered by somewhat smaller motors too, three in total, which will steer it, provide drive and work the load bucket. The Control+ app is on my phone and it connects by bluetooth allowing remote control.

Lego's most complex gearbox ever

One of the coolest features is the transmission, the first speed transition gearbox they have done. It uses a part from one of the other sets, the Bugatti Chiron, to permit ultra-smooth gear shifts, all remote controlled, which can control the speed of the vehicle.

I've heard that changing the gears puts a lot of stress on the parts, the gearbox, but I guess that's to be expected considering it's only made from plastic. I've also heard it will shift sequentially or directly from 1st to the higher gears so it seems capable of taking the strain.

I'm pretty keen to get started on this build but will take my time once I do begin. There's no point rushing it, nothing to gain and a lot to lose, because fitting pieces incorrectly at the start will mean things don't fit at the end, and then there's that gearbox...So careful construction is required. I'm expecting 20-24 hours all up to get this one completed, probably four to five building sessions, although it could be longer.

See it in action

If you'd like to see the hauler in action you can go to YouTube and search it or just click here. It's pretty cool and whilst it has limitations, for what it is and the fact it's all plastic I think it does a great job and I'm sure it will be enjoyable to build...I just have to find somewhere to put it, but that's a problem for another day.

The Lego community

I have always welcomed people to post in the Lego Community and I curate when they do. If you have an interest in Lego, build it yourself or with your kids, feel free to use the community, and if not, then think about supporting a few of those that do.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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I beat that is fun, love them when I was a kid. My fiancee loves them too. I bought her one of the Harry Potter castles. think that is 3 total she's done. I want to start collecting and constructing here soon. Nice article, keep up the great work!

Hey there, thanks for your comment and it's great to hear you're interested in Lego. You might like to do some posts in the Lego Community when you get building.


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I'm sure it will be enjoyable to build

Needs lot of patience as well , you are a patient guy, I saw some of your earlier shooting skills, these all reflects that you are very much focused on what you do 🤛

Yes, patience is required, some focus too and like you say, I tend to be that way inclined by nature. Mostly. 😊

It seems that even lego has outgrown me. I used to build things as a kid. later I stopped. It turns out that during those years lego evolved while I remained in stone age( I don't use ANY apps)😂

Happy new year.

Yes, well, I'm fortunate to be a child and so I still play Lego and love it. The App is to control the vehicle once compete which is a nice additional touch and gives better value for money I think.

Happy new year to you also.

I also in some ways still consider myself a child. During this christmas I watched all harry potter movies. I still enjoyed them. In fact I am considering buying percy jackson books because they seem similar to harry potter. Also it is a good thing that I don't have good pc. if I had a better pc I would likely spend hours playing games.

I've seen the Harry Potter films too. I've not read the Percy Jackson books but if you like then
M you might like to check out the author Raymond E Feist.

Start with Magician.

thank you I will keep that recommendation in mind.

Hi @galenp.
My father explained this post to me.
I've short of time lately, I stopped checking the #lego.
Maybe because I don't get many comments by Lego people. :-)
If Covid sends me home, I will have more time to check the lego creations on Hive. :-)
I'll start posting or cross posting some of my Lego posts in the Lego community.
By the way I saw you in hivefest but I didn't approach, because my English is still very bad. :-)
Your brother @tarazkp on Hive reminded me again of the Lego Community. :-)
Cheers Lego Man.
And I'm frightened by this box of Lego. hehe

Hey mate, thanks for your message. If you're short of time you need to invest it in the appropriate places so just come to the Lego community when you can if you feel you will get some value from it. However...

Please don't cross post into the Lego community, it's one of the rules - No cross posting. Post directly in there, that's fine, but no cross posting please.

I'm happy to upvote Lego posts in the community and send some to @curangel for extra voting too, but if you you're not posting there that won't happen.

It's a shame you didn't approach me at HiveFest as say hello, I'm sure we could have worked around the language barrier. Oh well, maybe next time.

Thanks @galenp . :-)
Next year I hope I can speak better English. :-) I'm learning...

Cool, keep it up and good luck with the learning process.

I was just about post a very similar post - I've got myself the most challenging Technic set I've built to date - the Land Rover and I figured I'd build in stages and write about it here. And yes the thought of the 'maybe a should buy this set' did start at Myer and a discount, but it ended at Ebay and and even bigger saving for a 2nd hand version. - good luck building.

Oh yeah, that's cool. I have the Landrover also. Did some build-posts a while back before the Lego Community actually started.

I have never seen this type of truck before. It is very cool

Yeah, I agree, cool.

That looks so badass! Can't wait seeing it completed!

Yep, it's pretty cool for sure. I'll do a few progress posts once I get started and when it's done will do a video or something maybe.

Wow this seems like a great project to start your 2021 with! Over 2000 pieces.... This will be such a work of art G.!

Should be good, provided I don't mess it up and have to start over. 🤣

Hahaha I think it's hard to mess up after so many years of practice that you have G!

Haha, well possibly, but I'm fallible like all humans... I'm really from another planet though...Shh, don't tell.

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That looks like serious bit of gear.

Yep I'm looking forward to starting it and seeing working.

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Interesting, that truck was the other item I was looking at for your gift post.

Great minds really do think alike!

OMG! That's awesome! It's lego and robotic!

It's got all bases covered. I haven't started it yet but that day isn't too far off.

This is cool, we have quite an extensive LEGO club, robotics and technics club where I teach. Although im not running it I do teach in the design and technology department and see a lot of what goes on. I remember watching the Liebherr R 9800 controller control the real Liebherr R 9800 out in the quarry. Pretty amazing stuff from the remote control systems.

Yeah, I love me some Lego. No, I'm not 14. 🙄

I want that R 9800...It's on my wish list. Costly though. I built the Mack Anthem and Landrover Defender a while back. The Extreme 4x4 Off roader too, which is Control+ App operated. Good fun. There's posts on my LEGO community.

I saw you're a teacher. You're not Thai though are you?

No, I'm from the UK but have been teaching in international schools for a while now. Gotta love those long school holidays lol

I thought so.

My dad was a high school teacher. He loved it. Old school though, he retired on the mid 90's. They did it differently back then.

You're a long way from home, but there's nothing like a good life-adventure though. Good on you. Pretty young I'd say right? Might as well chase your best life huh?

That's it, plus the UK isn't so great when you travel ad see what other places have to offer lol. Mid 30s

Ancient! Lol.

(I'm almost 51 so I can say that.)

haha it's all experience!